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Zurn Industries, LLC

Zurn Industries, LLC

511 West Freshwater Way
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: 855-663-9876
Fax: 414-808-0281

As a trusted leader in the commercial plumbing industry for over a century, Zurn provides the widest breadth of advanced water solutions, spanning from backflow prevention to behind-the-wall plumbing systems, and front-of-the-wall fixtures to building and site drainage. Zurn engineers products that deliver sustainability, accessibility, and water conservation, as well as services that contribute to streamlined specification, lean construction, and compliance.

With over 50,000 products to suit all industries and the ability to customize further, Zurn delivers solutions with the customer in mind. Products range from tried-and-true valves that have been installed generation after generation to the latest innovations in connected plumbing technologies that give insights never experienced before!

Beyond its core products, Zurn also provides the tools needed to successfully specify. inSpec powered by Zurn is a digital tool to specify a wide range of advanced water solutions for compatibility and accuracy. It helps engineers configure plumbing projects faster using Zurn’s wide product offering.

Globally, Zurn has 40+ local stocking affiliates providing 24-hour availability with strategically placed reps. Zurn provides ongoing labor-saving opportunities and cost reductions in addition to light manufacturing and assembly combined with custom packaging. Staffed will call counters offer immediate product pickup, and on-site training centers provide hands-on product education.

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