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Triacta Power Solutions LP

130 Industrial Avenue, Unit 100
Carleton Place, ON K7C 3T2
Phone: 613-256-2868
Fax: 613-256-6602

Triacta designs and manufactures revenue grade meters and data acquisition devices for energy management, tenant billing, and building control applications.

Triacta's hardware and software make it possible to monitor hundreds of meter points within a facility in real-time. Triacta’s meters can be integrated with existing building management and automation systems or used on their own to form a metering fabric for part of a building, an entire building, or a complete real estate portfolio.

Long known for its high-reliability, revenue-grade, multi-protocol submetering products, Triacta's meters have been deployed by submetering companies, property owners, building system integrators, and Local Distribution Companies since 2003.

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