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Our Aim

Pollmeier is a well-recognized name standing for consistent high-quality German Beech lumber at favorable prices. This is the basis of our success and what our customers rely upon.

Our Success

The best ideas are always simple. Through implementation of the most modern equipment, Pollmeier created the first European sawmill to produce sawn deciduous timber efficiently. A fully automated industrial production process yielding lumber of the highest quality standards puts Pollmeier a step ahead of conventional sawmills. The final result is that our customers realize greater efficiency and profitability.

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Pollmeier is the market leader for high-quality Beech lumber. Customers in 60 countries are realizing the benefits of using Beech lumber produced at state-of-the-art sawmills by The Pollmeier Group.

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A Success Story

Originally, Pollmeier was known solely as a producer of component parts for the furniture and cabinet industry. As a producer, Pollmeier demanded high standards from suppliers with expectations of receiving consistent quality on a timely and continuous basis. Knowing how difficult it can be to meet these expectations, Pollmeier decided to take a step forward into the sawmill industry. Once only a customer and now a supplier, Pollmeier’s production concepts are based upon satisfying the highest expectations of solid wood manufacturers. 

Concentration on the Essentials

Our ambition is to offer customers Beech lumber of high quality that has been graded to provide the maximum yield and value to our customers at consistently favorable prices. “Reduce costs and improve quality with Pollmeier Beech.”