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Beaumont Shake is our most authentic-looking Shake profile to date. This new shake profile has a 9 inch exposure to-the-weather and 40 panels per square as opposed to our current line of Harvest Shake comprised of 48 panels at a 7 5/8 inch exposure so there are less panels per square to handle, less weight per square for shipping, less nails required to install and all at the same cost per sq.ft as our current lineup of Harvest Shake!

Vermont Slate is the first “solid core” product in our lineup and the first to hold status as a hail-proof (any size hail impact damage to panel for the first 20 years) roofing material. Tested with 4 inch simulated hail to impact speeds exceeding 400mph using our custom built Air Cannon, the Vermont Slate roofing panel exhibited no damage after impact. It is a 5-section panel with a 9 inch exposure to-the-weather, a 5/16 inch thick butt edge and our most realistic slate look to date. It comes in a familiar panel-type form and is designed to install with the speed of asphalt shingles, saving both time and money.

Vermont Slate Panel Loc is our most realistic slate look to date. It has a rich textured surface and edge detail that accurately duplicates the detail of real slate but without the weight or expense associated with real slate.

Rundle Slate (formerly EuroSlate) is designed to accurately replicate the style and beauty of extra thick chiselled-edge slate. Rundle Slate weighs about the same as typical 40-year laminated asphalt shingle roof so structural concerns related to the installation of traditional heavy slate roofing are not an issue with Rundle Slate. Unlike real slate, there is no risk of damage when walking on your Rundle Slate roof as it will not crack.

Ranchlands Shake is the perfect solution for those who want the classic look of a wood roof, but not the problems associated with wood such as rotting, curling, cracking, mould, discoloration and added weight associated with moisture absorption.Our Split-Look Shake profile, with a 3/4 inch thick butt edge, accurately replicates the look of a Hand-Split shake, with its wavy and rougher surface texture.