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  • Drying hands thoroughly is crucial for maintaining hygiene levels, and when a hand dryer is too slow, the result is many people give up trying to dry their hands and leave the bathroom with wet or damp hands. Research has shown that damp hands can transmit up to 1,000x more bacteria than dry hands. This course discusses hand-drying concepts and the advantages of hand dryers with air knife technology. It also reviews the impact the choice of hand-drying equipment has on public health, occupant comfort, facility operations, and our environment.

  • “Sustainable” design isn’t just “environmental.” It’s design that works for and contributes to the health and welfare of all individuals as well as the planet, now and in the future. This course looks at hand dryers as part of sustainably designed restrooms and discusses how air knife hand dryers benefit the environment through energy efficiency, resource conservation, and waste reduction, and benefit all members of society by meeting ADA requirements and Universal Design principles.

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