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Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

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Eco-Friendly Outdoor Cabinet Material

Consumers continue to talk and worry about the environment even in their own backyards. The depletion of natural resources and cost to the environment are front and center in many people’s minds, driving some to explore using green products when designing their outdoor cooking and entertainment spaces. An eco-friendly outdoor kitchen design means making important decisions and the materials chosen for the cabinetry top the list.


Benefits of Powder Coating Outdoor Kitchens

For nearly a decade, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has been using powder coating finishes to lock in color and protect cabinet doors and drawers from chips, spills, stains, and unsightly fingerprints. In geographic areas where high winds, tidal surges, extreme heat, and humid, salt-laden air can impact the integrity of most materials used in cabinetry, the powder coating process provides a strong defense against corrosion and further protects Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens.