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Tile Redi

4450 NW 126th Avenue, Suite 101
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: 954-323-0125
Fax: 954-344-8064
Toll-free: 800-232-6156

Tile Redi® is the inventor of Tile Ready® brand shower products and offers the industry’s largest selection of easy-to-install water proof and leak proof, one-piece, Ready-to-Tile™ products including: shower pans in a variety of models and sizes, shower shelves, shower seats, and shaving steps. We offer state of the art, affordable solutions for you and your customers through our innovation and our focus on the marriage of design and function.

Always known as the industry leader, Tile Ready brand shower bases offer numerous exciting models, each with a unique look:

  • The award-winning Redi Trench® with integrated linear trench and choice of designer or tileable grate top.
  • WonderFall Trench™ featuring an Infinity Shower Floor™.
  • Wonder Drain® with a square tileable drain top so all you see is your beautiful shower floor.
  • Redi Neo™ neo-angle pans with a choice of trench drain, infinity drain, wonder drain, or standard drain.
  • Redi Base®, the original Tile Redi® shower pan with standard drain.

Of course, we also offer numerous barrier-free options as well as Bathtub Replacement™ models designed to fit the footprint of the bathtub you remove to replace with a shower. And our accessories allow you to design a complete spa-like shower experience for your customers; incorporating Redi Niche® recessed shelves, Redi Bench® shower seats, and Redi Ledge™ shaving steps.

Tile Redi - Pefection through Innovation!®

  • Redi Trench
  • Wonderfall Trench
  • Wonder Drain
  • Redi Neo
  • Redi Base
  • Redi Free