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DuctSox Corp.

4343 Chavenelle Rd
Dubuque, IA 52002
Phone: 563-588-5300
Fax: 563-588-5330
Toll-free: 866-382-8769

DuctSox is a manufacturer of fabric ductwork and diffuser systems for open and finished ceiling architecture. DuctSox fabric systems offer versatility for heating, cooling, or ventilating commercial and industrial building applications. They are 100% custom made, with a variety of airflow options, suspension systems, and diameters ranging from 8” to 60” and larger with up to a 20 year warranty. They are easy to install, have low material waste on the jobsite, and offer many other Green advantages, including recycled fabric options. Not to mention, they are a cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal duct.

DuctSox’s most recent product innovation is SkeleCore—the solution to fabric duct droop. SkeleCore suspension systems utilize an internal framework to hold the fabric taut with an inflated, wrinkle free appearance, providing aesthetic enhancement and improved performance characteristics. A significant feature of SkeleCore is that the fabric system is tensioned the full circumference—360 degrees. With the development of SkeleCore, it has changed the way fabric systems are designed. The suspension system is typically chosen first and it dictates most of the other design decisions such as layout, fittings, air dispersion, and fabric.

In addition to traditional fabric ductwork systems, our product line includes:

  • UFSox for underfloor systems, provide uniform temperature and pressure for raised access floors
  • LabSox for critical environments/laboratories, offer reduced discharge velocities for critical environments
  • KitchenSox for commercial and industrial kitchens, to eliminate drafts and condensation


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