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Greenleaf Pest Control

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Greenleaf Pest Control – Your LEED® Partner

Increasingly, commercial properties are looking to obtain LEED certification and to source more ecofriendly solutions―a trend that is designed to help improve human and environmental health, as well as conserve water and energy. In today's highly competitive rental market many prospective tenants gravitate toward LEED buildings.

How Does Pest Control Fit In?

Reducing the environmental impact of your facility’s indoor and outdoor pest control efforts through integrated pest management (IPM) is a relatively easy way to obtain two credits toward the LEED Existing Building Operations and Maintenance certification.

For existing buildings, Greenleaf will be involved in the operations and maintenance of the building, where one point is available for indoor and environmental quality. This is extremely important for buildings where higher certification (Gold or Platinum) is pursued. Owners will be looking for every opportunity to obtain points.

Greenleaf may also become involved in innovations in operations, which can offer up to four additional points to building owners. This requires the implementation of “significant and measurable environmental performance” in other ways not specified by the LEED program.

Our Toronto location is:
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Pest Prevention Tip: Limit vegetation around buildings, especially low, dense shrubs, tall grasses and seed or fruit producing plants that can serve as nesting or food sources for rodents (rats and mice).