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ArmorCore by Waco Composites

ArmorCore by Waco Composites

PO Box 20008
Waco, TX 76702-0008
Phone: 254-752-3622
Fax: 254-752-3634
Toll-free: 866-688-3088

A few decades ago, the introduction of bullet resistant fiberglass transformed how the architectural community could deal with ballistic protection. Waco Composites has become the leader in this industry with its ArmorCore UL Listed product line, and the variety of project applications requiring this product has expanded. ArmorCore is cost effective, ready to ship quickly, installed by everyday contractors, and dependable for the highest protection. Waco Composites is the only company with a singular focus on bullet resistant panels and is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

Customer service is a notable point of emphasis for Waco Composites. The sales team is glad to assist with documentation, budget pricing, or any other pertinent information related to ArmorCore or bullet resistance in the industry. For literature or any other inquiries visit the website or call to speak with a sales representative.

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