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SimTek Fence

1330 West 400 North
Orem, UT 84057
Phone: 801-655-5236
Fax: 801-655-5240
Toll-free: 866-648-9336

SimTek is a revolutionary new product, featuring stunning beauty and incredible durability. It installs like a fence. Several years of research and development resulted in a product with engineered excellence that is unique in the market place.

SimTek products are molded of sunlight stabilized polyethylene. All reinforcing steel is galvanized. Polyethylene provides exceptional durability, longevity and resilience. Gasoline and other corrosives are routinely stored in polyethylene containers. SimTek walls are resistant to organic processes, ultraviolet light, almost all chemicals and other common conditions that break down other walls and products. In short, polyethylene is tough, it lasts.

  • EcoStone
  • Walnut Brown Ashland
  • EcoStone
    • EcoStone
    • Red Cedar Ashland
    • EcoStone

The SimTek product is currently sold in the United States and Canada as well as 14 different countries around the globe. Having been named as one of Utah’s fastest growing companies each of the past two years, SimTek Fence continues to strive to create the best fence product in the industry and to add to its list of beautiful fence projects with satisfied owners.

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