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Quad-Lock Building Systems Ltd.

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Energy Efficient Concrete Buildings

Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. designs and manufactures Insulating Concrete Form systems (ICFs) for residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, and public buildings.

Six Jobs in One

Light-weight Quad-Lock ICFs are easily adaptable to nearly any building design and are left in place to provide the best thermal protection in the industry. ICFs support efficiencies in cost and scheduling of construction by combining at least six distinct phases of concrete construction into one:

  • Forming for durable, cast-in-place, reinforced concrete structures
  • Template for placement and spacing of reinforcing bar
  • High levels of insulation; Variable R-values for different climates
  • Air barrier
  • Vapor barrier
  • Substrate for interior and exterior finishes

Quad-Lock ICF systems are incorporated into designs for insulated concrete walls, suspended concrete floors, and concrete roofs (flat or pitched) for a complete concrete building shell. Whether the client’s concerns are for energy efficiency, disaster resistance, low maintenance, occupant comfort, or just lowering their total cost of long-term ownership, Quad-Lock ICF products will perform to ensure those objectives are permanently met.

Supports Your Building Envelope Criteria

  • Quad-Lock ICFs and reinforced concrete support the most critical design criteria, including the following:
  • Resist wind and seismic forces; Ensure that both occupants and building survive
  • Protect occupants from fire; Survive fire with minimum damage
  • Keep rain out of the structure
  • Elevate the structure if threatened by floods
  • Resist damage to structural elements if building becomes wet
  • Promote drying capacity of the structure

The committed professionals at Quad-Lock assist designers world-wide with the integration of their ICF systems into a broad range of building designs. Standard construction details are available free of charge at Live, online help sessions can be scheduled to suit your needs.

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