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The elements are simple…the possibilities are endless.

greenscreen® is a three dimensional, welded wire green facade wall system. The distinctive modular trellis panel is the building block of greenscreen®. Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, combined or shaped for an unlimited variety of project applications. The unique structure of the panel allows for flexibility for mounting attachment in multiple locations not exclusive to the panel perimeter.

greenscreen® is a complete trellis system that includes a versatile array of engineered mounting hardware for almost every assembly. See our Accessories page for more information.

Modular Panels - Use for covering walls, as freestanding fences, screens, or enclosures.

  • Modular Panels
  • Modular Panels

Columns - Use as a vertical freestanding element or as a cover for existing posts.
Coiled or flat for easy field installation in standard or custom diameters.
Column elements can be combined to create custom radii, with mounting clips or brackets for attaching to your structure. Columns can be stacked, or optionally mounted to our planter system. Additional interesting column shapes can be created from custom constructions.

  • Columns
  • Columns

Curved Panels - Use for describing curved surfaces, for covering walls, as freestanding fences, screens, or enclosures.
Our “Crimp-to-Curve” trellis screens can be joined to create long curved fence elements, overhead arcs, and to create new forms made with multiple units.

  • Curved Panels
  • Curved Panels

Planters - Use for mounting panel screens to planter shapes, or adjacent to wall mounted applications or structure.
Standard Fiberglass Planter: 4 ft. width allows for various height panels up to 6 ft. without additional structural attachments, and can be placed in permanent or semi-permanent locations.
Column Planter: For attaching our standard radius column trellis of varying heights.
Hedge-A-Matic: A family of planters that use rectangular, curved, and square shapes with shorter screens for venues like patios, restaurants, entries, and decks.
Custom: We have a wide variety of custom solutions available.

  • Planters
  • Planters

Applications - The possibilities with the greenscreen® trellis system are endless with thousands of building type and landscape application examples to inspire your designs. From large scale wall mounted applications to fencing, custom shapes, and intimate planter + trellis combinations, the cost effective greenscreen® trellis system has a solution for incorporating vertical vegetation into your projects. Read more.

Benefits - Value can be added to the installation of green walls by designing for a variety of specific benefits. Specific benefits can include security, privacy screening, shade, biodiversity, habitat, and even urban agriculture. Read more.