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Kafka Granite, LLC

Kafka Granite, LLC

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  • Stone is perhaps man's oldest, most durable, most reliable, and most beautiful building material. It is now possible to acquire all of its benefits without the need for heavy, thick, and expensive walls and foundations. This course explains how natural thin stone veneer can be economically utilized to protect and beautify commercial, institutional, and residential indoor and outdoor surfaces, the varying attributes of different stones, the numerous looks that can be achieved, and the standards that inform their selection, specification, and usage.

  • Parks, recreational areas, and common rural and urban spaces can be essential relaxing oases. Pathways that navigate through these public spaces should be functional and durable and complement the natural environment. This course explores pathway materials and focuses on decomposed granite (DG) and natural aggregates. It discusses the types of pathways, their applications, installation, and maintenance, as well as their contribution to green design.

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