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T. Clear Corporation

3255 Symmes Road
Hamilton, OH 45012
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T. Clear Corporation offers a full portfolio of concrete faced insulation products to meet your building envelope project needs. Our full line of products can cover you from below grade, up the exposed foundation, to the wall sheathing and all the way to the low slope roof and parapet.

Choose either of our Protected Membrane Roof Systems - HeavyGUARD® or LightGUARD® to achieve both insulation and ballast for your low slope roofing needs.

Our ProGUARD® concrete insulated sheathing panels are light weight, durable, ready to finish insulated sheathing that attaches directly to steel or wood studs. Our WallGUARD® concrete faced insulated perimeter wall panels protect areas from just below grade to where heat loss begins around the exposed area of your foundation. ProGUARD® and WallGUARD® are ideally suited to meet today’s continuous insulation demands.

Our THERMADRY® panels are ideal for draining, insulating and protecting your foundation, plaza decks, retaining walls, earth-sheltered structures and culverts. The geotextile fabric adhered to the XPS or EPS ThermaDry® panel prevents soil from entering and clogging the closely spaced vertical and horizontal drainage channels.

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