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Hunter Panels

Hunter Panels

15 Franklin Street
Portland, ME 04101
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With energy consciousness and climate change at the front and center of our environment priorities, the market share for Polyiso continues to grow. In response to that demand, Hunter Panels was founded in December of 1997.

Hunter Panels was the first start-up company to enter the Polyiso industry since 1975, and we did so with a particular mission: to distinguish ourselves as the proactive entrepreneurial manufacturer and a leader in the marketing of our polyiso product line. As a stand alone manufacturer, Hunter was able to focus on that singular purpose. We brought together a team of industry professionals who know Polyiso inside and out and who care about being technically proficient and customer driven. Quality is a mantra at Hunter Panels. The “Whatever it takes” customer service attitude and spirit is in our DNA.

As an industry leader in Polyiso Roof insulation panels, Hunter launched a new product line for Commercial Wall Applications – Hunter Xci. Hunter Xci wall products are designed for use in commercial and residential wall applications to provide “ci” continuous insulation within the building envelope.

Hunter Xci polyiso products

  • Have the highest R-Value per inch of any insulation
  • Tested and Invested – More NFPA 285 Passed Assemblies than the competition
  • Contribute towards LEED certification credits
  • HCFC and CFC free, zero ODP, and negligible GWP
  • Hunter Panels
  • Hunter Panels
  • Hunter Panels

Hunter Panels services the North American market with seven state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Utah, and Washington. Hunter Panels corporate office is located in Portland, Maine.