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Sustainable Solutions

5945 Hwy. 138
Florence, TX 76527-4222
Phone: 512-585-7623

Sarah Andrews of Sustainable Solutions, based in Florence, Texas, is a green building consultant offering training for construction professionals. She has more than five years of experience in green building in addition to 20 years working as an educator. While most building consultants only offer green construction training online, Sarah is one of the few who provide this type of training live and in person. Her curriculum is high–quality, and she utilizes her education degree and strong understanding of the subject matter to help you stay up–to–date with the changes that are occurring in the construction industry as green building becomes more prominent and required. By keeping up with the latest information and requirements in this rapidly changing field, she is able to update you on the current industry standards and practices. This makes it easier for you to fulfill your contractual obligations, certification, and documentation.