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Historically, a thin gauged stone or porcelain would not be considered for many exterior applications, especially wet and cold climates. If they were used, the installation would require multiple installation steps to address water penetration and collection, a heavy concrete slab for stability, mud-set or thin-set bonding and final grout and grout sealing. And if the installation was to be successful over time, regular grout maintenance and sealing was required to ensure zero moisture penetration. If invisible micro-cracks in grout lines did occur, future failure was assured. And unfortunately, a repair required complete removal and a reinstall.

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Outdoor Floor System™ was developed to address these issues and create new installation options previously not considered or not possible. The requirements were simple:

  • A lightweight structural flooring panel, inert to moisture, cuttable, bondable, low deflection, negligible creep and expansion-contraction
  • A non-cement based bond, inert to moisture, mold and mildew, remaining flexible during all temperature conditions to eliminate bond fracturing
  • A full line of structural components enabling system use in all outdoor flooring conditions from residential decking to rooftop terraces
  • A surface condition that would allow its native uncovered use or unlimited user selected surfacing materials for maximum creative flexibility
  • A user friendly system sophisticated enough to meet the demands of architects and engineers yet simple enough to be installed by a DIYer

This is exactly what we deliver in every Outdoor Floor System™ assembly. As you consider those outdoor spaces, places and rooms you enjoy alone, with friends or the community, you can now remove the old boundaries of your creativity. Throw off the constraints of traditional cement based mortars, grouts or adhesives. Break away from the weight of heavy slab pavers. Lift off the old look of composite or wood decking. It's time to lay down the historic beauty of natural stone or re-constitued stone tile and pavers and achieve maximum durability with the Outdoor Floor System™.

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