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Below are some of the application conditions for which Outdoor Floor Systemâ„¢ provides a new solution.

  • On Grade Patio: Place over broken concrete or compacted gravel and never worry about another cracked patio surface.
  • Elevated Joist Framed Deck: Light enough to replace wood or composite decking converting the deck to a stone terrace.
  • Uniformed Slope Waterproofed Deck: Float over waterproofing without heavy mud or concrete.
  • Condo Balcony: Float over balcony surface without destroying condo building and property.
  • Building Rooftop: Create a level flooring with mixed media surfaces for small gatherings or large groups.
  • High-Wind Uplift: Secure the flooring system to bearing surface for all applications to resist high-wind uplift loads.

Where ever an outdoor floor, deck, raised decking or rooftop terrace is required, Outdoor Floor Systemâ„¢ has a solution. And for those conditions where traditional pedestal supported slab pavers or pedestal supported joist framing are required, we have a new solution for that also. We provide the support, you provide the surface.

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