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Outstanding Performance suitable for exterior applications


Accoya┬« wood is suitable for siding and fa├žades and is the ideal choice where aesthetics and less frequent maintenance are critical. The dimensional stability and durability of Accoya wood confirms a decreased overall life cycle cost. The dimensional stability also provides for more design flexibility on board width, thickness, joints, and coating colours including black. The durability provides for an exceptional service life.


In specifying decking, natural beauty, strength, and all-weather performance are important. A lasting wood with outstanding performance characteristics and dimensional stability is desirable otherwise the wood can splinter or buckle and become a tripping hazard. It is also crucial that the wood is non-toxic and therefore safe for people and pets. Accoya wood meets these requirements and complies with US Building code (see ICC ESR 2825).

Windows and Doors

Accoya wood is naturally insulating and is more durable and dimensionally stable than other woods. This means windows do not swell when closed, doors continually open freely, and shutters maintain their authentic beauty. Accoya wood may be opaque, translucent, or transparent coated, and its lower maintenance requirements increase its cost effectiveness.