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Advanced Architectural Stone

115 Lee St.
Fort Worth, TX 76140
Phone: 817-572-0018
Fax: 817-293-6378
Toll-free: 800-687-4352

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) creates unparalleled opportunity for architects, contractors and masons to create high-end cast stone, architectural precast, GFRC designs with peace of mind that comes from consistent product quality as well as smooth projects execution that delivers on time and within budget.

Why AAS?

ONE: Track record and experience of Advanced Architectural Stone

TWO: AAS creates unparalleled design freedom for architects, designers and building owners

THREE: Support system for contractors and masons – smooth execution of construction projects

  • Well thought out customer project support system.
  • Experience and resources to solve on site problems with prompt turnaround time.
  • Value engineering – Seamlessly combine different products for optimum cost.

Project: SMU Simmons Hall >> risk mitigation with well thought out planning & coordination, custom products, installation support, onsite problem solving

Project: LA Sports Hall of Fame >> Cast stone realized cane river channels

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