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SCAFCO Steel Stud Company

SCAFCO Steel Stud Company

2800 East Main Avenue, PO Box 3940
Spokane, WA 99202
Phone: 509-343-9000
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Standard Steel Framing Studs and Track
When choosing a supplier, quality materials are essential; that‘s why SCAFCO steel framing products are manufactured from 100% prime mill certified steel.

Supreme Framing System
Supreme Framing System™ stud and track is a design that uses thinner steel, larger flange and return lip, and superior 57 ksi yield strength when compared to traditional 33 ksi material.

Deflection Clips

Secure Clips

Backing, Blocking, and Stiffeners

Slotted Track
SCAFCO Slotted Track is the industry preferred system for achieving head-of-wall deflection and fire rating for interior and exterior walls.

TTDS - Track-in-Track Deflection System
SCAFCO Track-in-Track Deflection System (TTDS) is a two-piece assembly that accommodates deflection of exterior curtain walls and interior partition walls.

I-Stud Shaftwall
SCAFCO has engineered and designed the I-Stud Shaftwall System to friction fit with ease. Shaftwall is used to enclose elevator shafts, stairwalls, air-return shafts, mechanical shafts, horizontal membranes and other non-protected floor openings in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and other large buildings.

Priceless Header and Kwik-Jamb System
The Priceless Header and Kwik-Jamb System is an engineered header and jamb system that’s cut-to-length and ready to install, saving 70% to 80% in labor cost over traditional methods.

Priceless ‘Perfect Curve’ Curved Products
There are endless possibilities with SCAFCO Perfect Curve products. Choose your solution for curved walls, circles, soffits, domes, and arched ceilings.

Custom Brake Shapes
SCAFCO offers a broad selection of custom brake shapes for a wide range of construction applications. Each shape is custom made to match precise dimensions needed by using advanced forming equipment.

Ponywall Support
SCAFCO’s Ponywall supports are manufactured from prime domestic steel and assembled with certified welds, providing superior strength and durability. Its unique rigid design and ease of installation make it the preferred choice over conventional Ponywall construction methods. Ponywall supports are stocked in 34”, 48”, and 60” heights but can be special ordered to meet required design specifications.

SoundGuard™ Silent Steel Framing System
The SoundGuard™ Silent Steel Framing System is a patented interior framing system specifically designed to easily construct partition walls with high STC ratings. SoundGuard™ studs and track are quickly assembled to provide complete or partial walls for residential condos, apartments, conference rooms, equipment rooms, hospitals, and more.

Serenity RC
Serenity-RC is a premium product and the best cost effective solution for reducing the transmission of airborne sound through walls and ceilings. By separating the drywall from the stud flange, the channel minimizes the direct path by which sound travels through the framing.