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The Ecospan Composite Floor System provides innovative, results-driven building solutions. Ideally suited for multistory residential and commercial buildings, the Ecospan Composite Floor System is an innovative, simple, effective and economical method of providing all steel, open web structural components for elevated floor construction. Ecospan incorporates the benefits of an open web configuration along with a typical joist spacing of 48” to 72” allowing for design and installation flexibility.

  • Erection is sage, easy and cost effective. There are no short deck sheets, plywood forms or shoring; sub-trades can normally continue construction the day after the concrete is placed.
  • Floor-to-floor heights often times can be decreased due to the inherent ability to pass services (duct, piping, conduit, etc.) through the open web design of the joist.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio of composite steel joists allows for greater spans and spacing with lighter members.
  • Lightweight system reduces building weight which allows more efficient supporting framing all the way down to foundation.
  • Constructed with non-combustible materials, achieving multiple UL listings with gypsum board, acoustical ceilings or spray applied fire resistive materials.
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