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  • In response to steadily growing demands for more and more storage capacity and the costs and energy required to implement that storage, data center design is now focusing on solutions that conserve energy, materials, money, and space. This course explores the current influences that directly or indirectly affect energy usage and management, the resulting trends in data center development, and how containment strategies enable designers to optimize energy efficiency and create facilities with minimal environmental footprints.

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  • Data centers, some consuming up to 200X the energy of comparably sized office space, are rapidly evolving in numbers, size, location, and energy demands. These facilities are frequently becoming integrated into other buildings and the purview of the architect. This course reviews the data center impact on building design and then identifies and describes the most effective design approaches and fitments that building designers can employ to control their capital and operating costs, spatial needs, and energy consumption.

    Prerequisites: No

    Course Level: Introductory