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  • By the year 2030, the electricity demands of the U.S. will be 45% greater than today. To meet these energy demands, we will see traditional energy sources (coal, natural gas, nuclear) amalgamated with various renewable energy technologies, such as transpired solar collection, cool metal roofing, and solar-ready roofing. This course reviews how metal building envelopes combined with these alternative technologies can contribute to energy efficiency in the built environment and achieve sustainable building design objectives.

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  • The overuse and misuse of the term rainscreen in the construction industry has created confusion and ambiguity as to its correct meaning and to its application in the field. To clarify the proper use of the concept and the term, this course reviews the essential rainscreen wall components, how they should be assembled, their roles and relationship to energy efficiency, and the various types of rainscreen constructions possible. It focuses on rainscreens utilizing metal wall panels and provides details as to how these panels should be detailed in a rainscreen application and concludes by providing illustrative examples of metal panel wall applications.

  • Durability and strength are two benefits that are fueling the growing popularity of metal roofing systems. This course examines the performance characteristics of metal roofing materials and the technological advancements that increase corrosion resistance and coating durability. The advantages of factory-formed panels and components and the environmental benefits of metal roofs are also presented.

    Prerequisites: No

    Course Level: Introductory