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  • Provides an overview of methods of reducing moisture intrusion in concrete and masonry walls with an emphasis on the role of sealers and coatings.

  • Concrete floors require protection. Choosing the right concrete floor coating system is essential to meeting the performance requirements of commercial, industrial, or residential environments. This course discusses the assessment and repair a concrete floor and specifies how to select a high performance coating system based on the conditions and requirements of a construction project.

  • Provides an overview of advances in antimicrobial mold and mildew-proof primers, paints, wallcovering installation systems, waterproofing coatings and remediation cleaners. Permeability of wallcovering and coatings to install them with, plus green building specification information for high performance, low VOC coatings for the prevention of mold and mildew are also reviewed.

  • Provides an overview of the key reasons to apply a primer to every surface before painting a topcoat. Surface preparation, typical primer applications, stain-blocking and functionally specific primers are discussed.

  • Rusting is a natural process that occurs due to everyday environmental conditions, but it is both predictable and preventable. This course explains the importance of rust prevention and treatment, and includes discussions on the rusting process, surface preparation, coating types, and choosing appropriate coating systems.