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We Take the Owner’s Perspective in Everything We Do.

That’s why we are sticklers for following ASTM, ACI and ICRI Standard Practices and why we encourage all our partners to follow ASTM F3010 as their best risk mitigation strategy when preparing concrete slabs for resilient flooring, fluid applied coatings, and any floor covering or roofing installation requiring adhesives.

Proper slab preparation contributes 75% to project success. And it is on this very narrow (but tricky!) part of the building construction process that AC•TECH concentrates 100% of its business.

ASTM F3010 is the only Industry Standard for Moisture Mitigation. With ACTECH 2170™FC you also receive 100% pH mitigation protection against high concrete alkalinity, so your flooring systems, coatings, adhesives, and roof assemblies do not deteriorate prematurely.

As one of the most robust, independently tested ASTM F3010 compliant products available to the AEC community today, our 16-year product performance history makes AC•TECH 2170™FC the preferred choice when failure (or premature replacement) is not an option in commercial, industrial and institutional installations.

ACTECH 2170™FC’s zero VOC, fast-curing epoxy formula is so robust that it also meets independent testing as an ASTM C1315 Membrane-Forming Curing Compound. Consequently, a Go-Early™ application of ACTECH 2170™FC on green concrete opens new opportunities for your flooring, coating, and roofing projects to maintain fast track schedules, lean budgets, and quality assurance controls.

We have worked hard to build a reputation for NOT cutting corners. Look to AC•TECH for that FIRST Product Layer in a performance specification.

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  • ACTECH-2170FC
  • ACTECH-2170FC
  • ACTECH-2170FC
  • ACTECH-2170FC
  • ACTECH-2170FC
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