CGI International

7111 Ohms Lane
Minneapolis, MN 55439
Phone: 952-835-1338
Fax: 952/835-1395
Toll-free: 800/333-8523

The Color-Glo fabric restoration and repair industry is growing daily. In fact in the 10+ years we have been offering our services statistics show it has grown to be part of a 100+Billion-dollar industry. With fabrics now found virtually everywhere, as a Color-Glo Franchisee you will be offering your services to an endless supply of customers. From the automotive, boat, and aviation dealers to business and residential furniture owners, the demand is huge and so are the profits. You will be joining our skilled technicians worldwide in renewing and extending the service life of all Leather, Cloth, Velour, Plastics, and Vinyl's indefinitely and our patented and proprietary products were developed with the environment in mind.