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With Inspire® Roofing by Boral you will achieve new heights in authenticity, beauty, and quality. Transcending other brands, our Aledora™ Slate, Classic Slate, and Arcella™ Shake products provide the industry’s finest artistry through natural textures and unique color palettes that will enhance your home. Inspire Slate is stronger than real slate and our Shake is more durable than genuine cedar. Choose from a range of composite roofing shake color choices, and a custom color mix program for our Aledora and Classic roofing slate alternatives. This allows you to choose as many as six slate colors for an Aledora mix or five slate colors for a Classic mix to create a composite roof shingles colors palette that is uniquely yours. With Inspire mixed colors, there is never any need to shuffle tiles from multiple bundles prior to installation - each bundle of colored roof tiles comes factory-sorted and ready for application. We place innovation above all. This has allowed us to deliver artistically beautiful, authentic and durable roofs over the years. An industry-leading color palette with unmatched quality - we craft roof tiles that mirror the natural detail of slate and cedar in all their charm, delivering memorable elegance, stunning color and unparalleled toughness.