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E B Eddy Forest Products Ltd.

1600 Scott St
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4N7
Phone: 613-725-2500
Fax: 613-725-6820

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The Espanola mill of E.B. Eddy Forest Products Ltd., located on the Spanish River which flows into the north channel of Lake Huron, has been in operation since 1898. The Eddy Paper Company acquired the total net assets of Brown Forest Industries Ltd. from Brown Company of New York in 1969. The mill was converted to a kraft process in 1943, prior to being purchased by Eddy. The mill underwent an extensive modernization between 1975 and 1983. The oxygen delignification system installed during this time was a first in North America. The mill is currently undergoing an extensive hardwood modernization, including pressure washing and ozone bleaching. This project should be complete by the fall of 1998.