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International Fibreboard

515 Munroe Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R2K 1H7
Phone: (204)-654-0555

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International Fibreboard Inc. had existed for forty-one years before its present owners gained possession of it. The company was, and still is, based in Winnipeg and owned by Manitobans. After an interval lasting from the autumn of 1992 to the spring of 1993, the newly-renovated and modernized manufacturing plant began production once again at maximum output. Since the plant is in an operational state for twenty-four hours a day and six days a week, maximum output amounts to the production of fifty million square feet of fibreboard a year. With such a large quantity of fibreboard being manufactured, the plant provides jobs for thirty-two full time employees. With this major production capacity, one might be inclined to wonder where a company obtains the raw materials used in their product. In this case, the answer may come as a surprise to some. Poplar pulpwood is one major component. When mixed with recycled waste paper it forms the basis for what becomes fibreboard. The recycled paper factor is what may surprise some, because over twenty-three tonnes of it is used every day during the manufacturing of the fibreboard. This waste is obtained from shredded office paper, old magazines, paperback novels, misprints, newspaper and cardboard, contributing to a company that is both locally and environmentally beneficial.