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  • The facade is one of the most significant contributors to the energy consumption and comfort parameters of any building. This course explores high-performance building envelopes and the use of advanced insulated metal panel systems featuring integrated daylighting and ventilation components that combine to provide weathertightness and maximum thermal performance.

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  • Understanding building physics is critical to proper building envelope design. Examined here are practical concepts for the building designer, including how cladding systems perform across different climate zones and applications. Environmental control layers and hygrothermal loads are reviewed, as is the concept of perfect/universal wall design. The course focuses on how single-component insulated metal panels (IMPs) function as a perfect/universal wall, simplifying wall system design and installation.

  • Modular metal panel (MMP) systems allow for an array of different building designs due to their wide range of panel sizes, planes, and layout configurations. This program covers the history and attributes of MMPs including the available substrates and their ease of installation. Through comparisons to other building products used in rainscreen walls and project case studies, the customizable design concepts of MMP systems are illustrated.

    Prerequisites: No

    Course Level: Introductory