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Moss Walls - Live Eco-Systems

Moss Walls - Live Eco-Systems

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The First Self-Sustaining LIVE Moss Ecosystem & Wellness Wall.

Verdure - Webster’s: 1) The greenness of growing vegetation 2) A condition of health and vigor

Our twenty years as the nation’s leading supplier of live moss have culminated in the first and only self-contained LIVE moss eco-system: a true Live Moss Wall, no treated/preserved moss. Verdure is comprised of 100% live moss that is kept lush and vibrant via specialized misters and grow lights along with a programable app that controls them.

Verdure Improves Indoor Air Quality

a) Live Moss Increases Oxygen Levels in the Workspace
b) Moss Reduces and Sequesters CO2
c) Misters and UV sterilization light can produce negative ions - a proven mood enhancer
d) Mist and Moss moisten air & remove and capture dust, pollen, mold, and other pollutants - tests show a 4000% drop in a 1,200 cubic foot office room in just 72 hours

Verdure Improves Mood & Workplace Environment

The vibrant colors of green associated with a moss wall have been shown to improve mood, increase workplace efficiency, speed healing, and encourage a sense of well being. The trickling sounds of water at the base of the wall combined with the inviting grow lights enhance the effect.

The system comes pre-assembled and takes less than an hour to set up. The cabinet is 100% stainless steel construction. There are specialized pumps, filters, and sterilization components built in that keep the moss happy and healthy.

Maintenance is minimal. Units can be customized as needed.