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  • The design of laser-cut steel, thermally broken windows and doors was fueled by the need to produce a steel window and door that would meet the ever increasingly stringent energy efficiency building codes of today and tomorrow, while not losing any of the “classic-timeless” aesthetics that steel windows and doors have become known for. This course examines the fabrication, thermal performance, and design and finish options of steel windows and doors.

    Prerequisites: None

    Course Level: Introductory

  • Selecting energy-efficient fenestration products that promote comfort, daylighting and views, and natural ventilation while supporting environmental impact concerns can further discussions regarding resource efficiency, material manufacturing, waste reduction, and life-cycle impact. This course examines the attributes of thermally broken aluminum windows and doors and explains why they are energy-efficient, sustainable, fenestration products.

    Prerequisites: No

    Course Level: Introductory

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