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It is happening everyday. Up to 20 storefront crashes occur in the US daily. Drivers inadvertently, by design or accident crash into convenience stores, gas stations, propane gas stands, and storefronts all across the US.

1-800-BOLLARDS Internal Locking Removable Bollards are the most versatile bollards on the market today. The locking mechanism engages below grade, inside the embedment sleeve. Internal Locking Removable Bollards are nearly impossible to remove without the key which is placed waist high on the bollard for easy access. When the bollard is removed, the locking lid covers the embedment sleeve for a smooth, hazard-free transition from security to access. The heavy duty lid is robust enough to handle most traffic areas when the bollards are not in use.

1-800-BOLLARDS line of Padlock Removable Carbon Steel Bollards is used for a variety of applications such as farmers markets, access roads, rails and trails, etc. The locking embedment sleeve lid latches onto the Padlock Removable Bollard when it is placed into the embedment sleeve and a padlock secures the bollard in place. Many cities and mixed-used centers install multiple embedment sleeves throughout an area and insert Padlock Removable Bollards as needed, allowing for a variety of uses and combinations.

1-800-BOLLARDS line of Assisted Lift Manual Retractable Bollards rise out of the ground to protect property and assets using an internal piston to assist in lifting up the bollard. Available in 6”, 8”, and 10” diameters, the bollard weight is greatly reduced with the assisted lift piston inside the bollard.

1-800-BOLLARDS line of Manual Retractable Bollards rise out of the ground to protect property and assets. Available in a 4” diameter, the bollard is manually lowered into and lifted out of the ground with an integrated lifting handle.

Proven to be long-lasting and protective, our plastic bollard covers are manufactured from 1/8” thick high-density polyethylene that provides strong intermolecular forces, enhanced tensile strength, and superior solvent resistance. Maintenance costs and installation time are both minimal as these protective bollard covers simply slip over an existing security bollard. Enhanced appearance and increased protection are two of the reasons that our plastic bollard covers are extremely popular.