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CityScapes Architectural Innovations

CityScapes Architectural Innovations

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CityScapes®, Inc. products stand out by blending in. Offering premier architectural solutions to discreetly conceal dumpsters, HVAC units and other necessities that its owners, occupants and neighbors would prefer not to see, CityScapes designs, develops and manufactures code-compliant, customizable architectural solutions that beautify exteriors and keep buildings compliant, safe and beautiful. Each high-end solution is thoughtfully engineered to meld seamlessly into the building's unique design, meeting the specific needs of each project.

Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1997, CityScapes continues to operate and manufacture within the United States. Its flagship product Envisor® has remained the top choice for HVAC screening products among architects, building owners and contractors for over twenty years. CityScapes pioneered the concept of screening a rooftop HVAC unit without penetrating the roof with its innovative Envisor product, proven to be the preferred alternative to parapet walls. The development of Envisor led to the discovery of the need for customizable architectural solutions. Today, the company produces over a dozen core products. If an available product does not match a building's needs, internal designers work closely with customers to design, create and produce the necessary solution.

Through its original equipment manufacturing plant located in Columbus, Ohio, CityScapes controls end-to-end production and has the capabilities to complete custom fabrications domestically. The company manages design, manufacturing and installation to ensure high-quality products are versatile, consistent and virtually maintenance-free.

With its expertise and support from start to finish, CityScapes offers next level responsiveness, creativity and collaboration to its architects, designers, contractors and building owners to better screen, protect or enhance the look of a building. Clients work with a dedicated project manager and benefit from this single point of contact throughout the entirety of the process. Coordination of every aspect including design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and installation is managed internally. Once a product is shipped, a network of specialized installers is available throughout the United States to install it on-site.

CityScapes sustains its continued growth by answering the question, "how can we meet a customer's challenge better today than we did yesterday?" Each customized architectural solution the company produces fills a market void. Its diverse client portfolio and national coverage gives the company the experience and knowledge to expand its product library and refine its approach to improving the appearance and functionality of all types of buildings and customer needs.

Signature Products Include

  • Envisor® Rooftop Screens
  • Covrit® Dumpster Enclosures and Walls and Gates
  • ToughGate™ Gates and Doors
  • NatureScreen® Trellis Systems
  • Planx® Planters
  • Sanctum Cabanas
  • Architectural Canopies
  • Architectural Signage

CityScapes by the Numbers

  • 25 years of white glove service
  • Distribution and installation across all 50 states and Canada
  • 130 dedicated employees
  • 200,000 square foot manufacturing center in Columbus, Ohio