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DAP Inc.

2400 Boston St, Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone: 1-800-543-3840

DAP is a leading marketer of home repair and construction products, such as latex caulk, silicone sealants, contact cements, adhesives, glazings, spackles as well as patch and repair products. You'll find DAP products in the hands of professional painters, remodelers, builders and do-it-yourselfers. You'll find DAP products in wide variety of retail outlets ranging from home centers and mass merchandisers to your local hardware and paint stores. You'll find DAP working behind the scenes in your home. It's the glue holding the baseboard to the wall, it's the caulk hiding that imperfection or providing that water tight seal around your tub, it's the spackling that repaired the hole in the wall, or it's the wood dough hiding nail holes in your molding and providing a hard resilient finish. Simply put... "You'll find DAP in all the right places."