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From humble beginnings in 1875 and 1915, Montreal Stencil and W.D. Armstrong (later known as Etampes BelleMarque) rapidly grew into successful businesses. Both companies began as stencil manufacturers and steel engravers. By having embraced new technologies and developing new markets each company became a leader in industrial engraving, signage and rubber-stamping products. Over our many years of history we competed on a friendly basis. In March 2000, W.D. Armstrong Inc. purchased Montreal Stencil. Today we operate with two divisions, Etampes BelleMarque and Montreal Stencil. We are a third generation family company with 125 years of experience in marking and identification products. We look to the future and its' bright opportunities for global development and are proud to bring you our website, Today, communication and transportation services have never been more competitive. Distances between shipper and receiver have been minimized. This allows us to serve you, our client, no matter where you may be located in our world. We are virtually right down the street from you.