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Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

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At the intersection of indoor air quality (IAQ), energy, and maintenance, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions provides sustainable solutions for new construction and existing buildings that save energy and reduce operating costs while providing maximum indoor air quality for people, productivity, and processes.

Since 1982, with a broad range of award-winning products, we deliver cost-effective solutions that clean the air for hospitals, schools, precision manufacturing, labs, museums, offices, theaters, sports facilities, ASHRAE headquarters, and the world’s most valuable art collection. Our products remove ultrafine particles, odors, airborne viruses, and gas phase contaminants from indoor air and outdoor ventilation air.

Solving for IAQ

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has a proven track record and decades of experience in identifying and solving IAQ issues in a wide range of industries. Whether the project involves removing nuisance odors, keeping cleanroom facilities within tolerance, removing smoke from wildfires, or fumes from jet engine exhaust, Dynamic has designed and implemented effective solutions.

Solving for Energy & Maintenance

Dynamic Active-Field, Polarized-Media Air Cleaners, and Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix panel systems reduce energy consumption and extend maintenance intervals far beyond traditional methods. 90% of the cost of air filtration is energy – not the cost of the filters. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions products, with their inherent low static pressure resistance, have saved hundreds of millions of kilowatt hours.

Dynamic Air Cleaning Systems can be configured in a variety of ways to attain the absolute best possible air cleaning solution for your application.

  • 10whmediright
  • DYN7-200QR-16-4
  • DynamicACM
  • V8-1
  • V8-DM
  • V8-SL Module