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Peerless Pottery

P.O. Box 145
Rockport, IN 47635-0145
Phone: 800-457-5785
Fax: 812-649-6429

With nearly a century of manufacturing experience in vitreous china fixtures, our facility is located on 90 acres in rural Spencer County, Indiana. We now occupy over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space, manned by a dedicated, hard-working and highly skilled work force. We annually transform tons of clay into quality vitreous china fixtures. All PEERLESS fixtures are produced under stringent conditions of cleanliness, precise time and temperature controls, with all hand operations performed by people with developed skills. Through each stage of production, constant quality control checks are performed on each toilet. Water flush testing of each closet bowl insures trouble free installation of all PEERLESS water closets. PEERLESS looks confidently to the future. With fourth generation management, we are dedicated to the principles of quality craftsmanship which have been an integral part of our past.