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4730 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45227
Phone: 513-533-6200
Fax: 513-871-4084

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Currently, our manufacturing expertise extends to metal extrusion, tube processing and finishing, cutoff, press forming, punching, and electroplating, to industry specifications or customized to your own individual specs. Cellular manufacturing techniques furnish unmatched flexibility in providing the right product for your application, while warehouse inventory assures product availability and prompt delivery. The ILSCO commitment to R&D ensures innovative designs for products that conform to UL and CSA or your own quality control specifications. Our strong record of investment in electronic commerce, capital equipment, new product development, and state-of-the-art cellular manufacturing matches ILSCO's aggressive entrepreneurial spirit. ILSCO plans ongoing company growth, through acquisitions, e-business initiatives and product development in order to optimize service to our customers in the 21st century.