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ArchVision's flagship product, called RPC for Rich Photorealistic Content, is the first commercially available image-based rendering product available. RPC is a superior way to represent complex objects, like people and trees, in computer animation. Instead of being limited and bounded by polygonal geometry, RPC uses image data of an object to depict it in 3D. This allows for incredibly complex, highly detailed objeccts to be placed in the scene without adding significantly to the polygon count. New for 2001 is RPC 2.0 which provides a richer set of RPC editing tools and an increase in rendering efficiency of over 400%! With over 50 collections of precreated RPC content ready for you to use, and support for 3D packages from Autodesk, 3ds, Accurender, Alias|Wavefront, New Tek, and Bentley Systems, it's the right time for you to take a look at bringing a new level of quality and simplicity to your work.

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