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American Construction Inspectors Association (ACIA)


Yucaipa, CA

Today, specialized and fast moving construction does not allow the architect, engineer, contractor, or client, as individuals, time to personally follow all the steps of a construction project and its related auditing. Therefore, a skilled and knowledgeable person has evolved to fill this necessary position, the "Professional Construction Inspector". The construction inspector is a member of a professional team helping to insure safety of life, property, and the client's right to full measure for their investment. The integrity of an inspector is as important as the skills, knowledge, experience, and judgment which they employ to insure the component parts of the project are constructed in conformance with the contract documents. This type of inspector formed and belongs to the American Construction Inspectors Association, whose main purpose for existing as an organization is to advance, protect, and improve the practice of inspection in the construction industry. To carry this out, we have allied ourselves with other professional inspection groups and maintain liaison with architects, engineers, government agencies, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and trade unions

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