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Brics CAD

Koning Albertlaan 165
B-9000 Gent,
Phone: 011 32 9 244 01 90
Fax: 011 32 9 244 01 01

The advanced architectural modeling software for AutoCAD and IntelliCAD, Bricsnet Architecturals allows you to take advantage of advanced 3D modeling in your 2D environment. It's easy to quickly create complex 3D buildings and structures - just add and subtract volumes. Need to make changes to the model? No problem - all relationships between walls, windows, slabs, roofs and openings are maintained automatically, and scale-dependent 2D drawings, quantities and cost estimates are instantly updated after a change. Bricsnet Architecturals is based on industry-standard technology such as XML and DWG and can be customized via Visual Basic for Applications.