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Presented By: AIA Montana

Description: Modern Maker: A skilled modern-day maker’s understanding of specific materials evokes simple, honest design which embody characteristics that respond to the properties of the material itself. Material-driven inspiration, experiment, exploration, and refinement affords an intimate knowledge which gives the creator the freedom to show restraint and push the limits of their media. Our industry has evolved from a master builder concept to one that is so fractured by liability, licensure, specialties, codes, materials, management, construction methods, trades, and time that discovering someone that truly designs AND builds is a rarity and something beautiful. We should all appreciate that concept of practice and the whimsy of study, discovery, and a construction-informed design process

Date and Time: Sep 21, 2017 09:00 AM

Location: Hilton Garden Inn

Address: 3720 N Reserve St, Missoula MT 59808

Map of session location
Unilock Benjamin Moore