Sonoco Ltd.

1 N. Second Street
Hartsville, SC 29550
Toll-free: 888-766-8823

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Sonoco is the construction industry's leading manufacturer of fiber-based concrete forms and voids. Contractors enjoy the strength and performance of Sonotube® concrete forms with RainGuard® technology. To reduce the time and cost of manual column finishing, Sonoco offers Sonotube Finish Free® forms, now in 20-foot lengths. Sonoco also makes Sonovoid® Round voids to reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity; Sonovoid Beam and Slab carton voids for cast-in-place foundations where expansive soils are present, and Sonotube BlastMaster™ blasting tubes for down-hole blasting in wet or dry mining applications. Call 888-SON-TUBE to locate an authorized distributor.