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Meet the new and improved DV-5A Deluge Valve

February 19, 2019

The DV-5A deluge valve is what happens when you’re never satisfied with good enough. We streamlined the original DV-5, creating a more powerful and efficient deluge valve. The new DV-5A comes with a lower pressure drop and higher pressure rating of up to 300 PSI, plus a reduced footprint and integrated alarm port make installation and maintenance easier than ever. The difference is in the details.

Higher pressure rating & lower pressure drop - Allows water to travel further at specified system pressure. Simple valve design - One moving part means less complicated maintenance and operation. Easy installation and maintenance - Modular trim saves time. Smaller footprint - Reduced trim sizes provides a smaller footprint.
Flat back side. Integrated alarm port - No additional check valve needed for Preaction Systems.


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