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  • Vectorworks, Inc. Announces Release of SimTread Crowd Flow Simulation Software Version 2.5

    Updates empower designers and facilities managers to better estimate pedestrian traffic patterns
    Columbia, MD (May 18, 2017)—Global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. announces version 2.5 of the pedestrian simulation software add on for Vectorworks® 2017 software, SimTread. Created by Japanese Vectorworks distributor A&A Co., Ltd. in partnership with Waseda University and Takenaka Corporation, SimTread helps in simulating and analyzing a variety of crowd control needs, such as evaluating evacuation times, building egress and traffic flow. Updates for this version include improvements for video export quality and a more detailed analysis that offers the ability to efficiently add time-dependent events like evacuations, as well as account for different occupants, such as individuals in wheelchairs.

    As a flow-analysis tool, SimTread helps those working in disaster preparedness, public safety, facilities management, as well as event, municipal or campus planning. SimTread can assist in and optimizes a design’s circulation pattern – whether directing the slow meandering of people through an art museum or expediting the exit of tens of thousands of people from a football stadium.

    “We’re always looking for new ways to help designers work more efficiently by putting the information they need at their fingertips,” said Jeremy Powell, senior marketing director at Vectorworks. “Updates for this SimTread version will improve productivity for the design and planning of pedestrian flow and evacuation safety”.

    Updates for the latest SimTread release include:

    • Improved plot tracking, which provides a more in-depth analysis by enabling the ability to plot and display the specified path occupants take to reach their destinations.
    • The new Show/Select SimTread Object command helps users save time by showing or selecting all instances of specified SimTread object types.

    • The duplicate transfer points update provides a command that streamlines the creation of a simulation of a multi-story building by allowing the replication of transfer points at stairwells.

    • Enhanced anti-aliasing and H264 video codec parameters for higher-quality video output.

    “SimTread helps designers make better, more data-driven decisions when it comes to optimizing their layouts for crowd flow and safety,” said Dr. Takeshi Kimura, manager of product development at A&A. “As such, we continually work to improve the capabilities of SimTread based on customer feedback and provide Vectorworks users the best tool possible.”

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    CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO – Arriscraft, manufacturer of naturally–made products that emulate quarried stone, and parent company General Shale, have reached an agreement with T–Clear Corporation for the exclusive North American distribution rights to ProGUARD®DP Insulated Concrete Board panels. This game–changing wall system meets today's rigid building codes in terms of energy performance and installs in a fraction of the time of traditional wall systems.

    “When the North American Building Codes started adopting new energy code requirements (such as ASHRAE 90.1 SB–10 and IECC) with advanced requirements for insulation on outer wall assemblies, the thin adhered masonry industry was caught without a good solution,” says Craig Swirzon, Thin–Clad Product Manager at Arriscraft. “We are excited to provide the extraordinary ProGUARD®DP system as a solution to this challenge and to give the market what it's been asking for. ProGUARD®DP not only meets energy code requirements – it replaces three to four manual steps with one.” Arriscraft and General Shale will supply the ProGUARD®DP system from its current combined dealer network of nearly 400 locations across North America.

    In addition to use with Arriscraft Thin–Clad and General Shale Thin Brick and Thin Rock products, ProGUARD®DP panels can be used for thin brick, thin natural stone, thin porcelain tile, thin manufactured stone, stucco, and synthetic stucco. These fully engineered panels offer superior thermal protection with ship lapped edges that eliminate thermal breaks, to meet energy code (ASHRAE 90.1, SB–10, IECC) Continuous Insulation requirements.

    ProGUARD®DP Insulated Concrete Board is a combined system that eliminates the separate steps of the drainage plane, insulation, wire lathe and mortar bed. Because the concrete board and insulation board are laminated together, ProGUARD®DP features ¼" concrete board (rather than ½") for a lighter weight assembly versus traditional systems. The cost of the ProGUARD®DP system is more than offset by the reduction in installation labour; it generally requires one third of the labour time and cost.

    The Ontario Association of Architects and the Architectural Institute of British Columbia will not provide architects with liability insurance for wall systems without a drainage plane assembly. ProGUARD®DP is the only system to provide two options for drainage planes. The 3/8" drainage grooves are incorporated into the insulation layer and can be positioned at the back or the front (or both), so designers, architects or installers can choose the correct drainage set–up for the climate and weather conditions.


    Arriscraft manufactures a vast range of premium stone for commercial and residential projects, including full–bed Renaissance® Masonry Units and Building Stone, Thin/Clad adhered and clipped veneers, Adair® Limestone, and cast accessories. Designers can select from a truly comprehensive line of styles – from old–world to contemporary – in natural colours, with custom applications available.

    Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario (62 miles/100 km west of Toronto), Arriscraft is the stone products group of General Shale, North America's largest brick, stone and concrete block manufacturer, supplying a wide variety of masonry materials for residential, commercial and specialty architectural projects.

    Throughout the U.S. and Canada, General Shale operates manufacturing facilities in nine states and provinces, in addition to a network of 31 distribution centers across the United States. General Shale was founded in 1928 and is headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee.

    For more information about General Shale, visit For more information about Arriscraft, visit or contact Arriscraft at 800-265-8123 or send us a request at

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  • S-5! offers RibBracket I-IV line for trapezoidal roofing profiles

    Colorado Springs, Colo., May 11, 2017 – S-5! announces the release of the RibBracket I-IV products, shaped to provide a perfect fit to most common trapezoidal roof shapes.
    Thoroughly tested for strength, RibBracket I-IV has no moving parts and is flexible enough to fit varying trapezoidal widths. A higher profile ensures more space between the roof and any devices attached to the roof, while the four attachment points offer greater holding strength. RibBracket I-IV is designed for convenient wire management and ease of installation for a solar system. RibBracket I-IV and the accompanying fasteners come with a factory-applied EPDM rubber gasket seal attached. The S-5!-patented reservoir conceals the bracket EPDM from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracking.
    With four different shapes, RibBracket I-IV can properly fit the vast majority of trapezoid profiles found globally, giving the installer the confidence of having the right bracket for their roof and project.
    S-5! zero-penetration clamps attach ancillary items to standing seam metal roofs without violating the integrity of the roof or the roof’s warranties. The patented clamps mount snow-retention and wind-performance systems, solar arrays, signs/banners, light fixtures, gas piping, stack/flue bracing, walkways, HVAC, lightning protection, equipment screens, conduit, condensate lines and more.

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  • Benjamin Obdyke Introduces Moisture-Protection System for Open Joint Cladding Designs

    Enhanced UV-resistant WRB and Flashing designed to integrate with advanced rain-screen systems

    HORSHAM, Pa. (January 5, 2017) - Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated, a leading provider of high performance roof and wall products to the residential and commercial construction markets, today announced it has strengthened its line of moisture management solutions with the release of commercial-grade FlatWrap® UV housewrap and HydroFlash® UV self-adhered flashing.

    Formerly known as FlatWrap® HP, the new and improved FlatWrap® UV is specially designed for use with architectural designs that incorporate open joint claddings. When used in conjunction with a rainscreen, it provides superior bulk water drainage, vapor permeability and durability. The product features a high performance tri-laminate design with superior UV resistance versus typical weather resistant barriers. In addition, the product has a vapor permeability of 35 perms, and has been proven to increase tear and wind load resistance for jobs over 40 feet.

    The latest addition to the HydroFlash line of self-adhered flashing, HydroFlash UV was created specifically for use with FlatWrap® UV. HydroFlash UV's black color is virtually invisible when installed with FlatWrap UV in open joint cladding applications. The latest technology in flashing adhesion, it can be applied to damp surfaces and installed down to 0°F. It is specially formulated for aggressive adhesion to FlatWrap UV and other housewraps. It can also be applied over furring strips, making them invisible once cladding is installed.

    “We are proud to offer a complete moisture management system for this growing design aesthetic in the marketplace,” said Tara Murray, Marketing Manager at Benjamin Obdyke, Inc. “This innovation helps to extend the lifespan of modern architectural designs to benefit builders, architects and homeowners - at a fraction of the cost of typical commercial grade products.”

    For more information on the company’s complete list of wall protection solutions, visit us at or at our online retailer at

    About Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated
    Since 1868, Benjamin Obdyke has been helping architects, builders and contractors in the United States and Canada Build Better™ by developing and adding new advances to its product line. Benjamin Obdyke develops, sources, markets and sells proprietary roof and wall products that improve the building envelope and the performance of other building materials for the new construction, repair and remodel markets. Innovations from Benjamin Obdyke, such as the first roofing ridge vent on a roll, the first wood roofing underlayment and the first rolled product to provide drainage and air flow in rainscreen wall assemblies, have helped shape today’s building practices. Headquartered in Horsham, Pa., USA, Benjamin Obdyke partners with a network of distributors, dealers, buying groups and cooperatives to reach building professionals in the United States and Canada.

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  • Wilsonart Adds Eight New Designs to Its Growing Quartz Collection

    Redefining luxury, the greyscale designs are inspired by authentic personalization

    TEMPLE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Personalization is not black or white; it’s a blurring of individual experiences and backgrounds that emerge when a space begins with a stunning foundation. This idea is the inspiration behind the eight new additions to the Wilsonart® Quartz Collection, previewed at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show earlier this year.

    Wilsonart, a world leading provider of total engineered surfacing solutions, debuts these quartz additions in support of key design trends defining attainable luxury in the realms of color, material and scale. New offerings, such as a bookmatched design and sealed concrete, give spaces a personalized touch. As commercial and residential aesthetics continue to collide, the demand for highly flexible designs continues to increase. From bright white and understated grey to deep charcoal and bold black, this new collection supports and elevates the design intent in hotel lobbies and chic office spaces to bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops.

    The new quartz designs take their cues from marble, concrete and reflective metals to build a base upon which to showcase luxury, redefined by the individual.

    Empire State (Q1015) – Reminiscent of sealed concrete, Empire State is a fine-scale tone-on-tone grey quartz countertop with white and charcoal features throughout.
    Manhattan (Q1016) – This design is light grey resembling a fine-scale concrete with white and charcoal features.
    Vesuvius (Q1017) – Vesuvius is a solid black fine-scale pattern with the occasional white or glass speck throughout the slab.
    Lazio (Q1018) – A solid bright white fine-scale quartz, Lazio features intermittent grey or colored particulates throughout the slab.
    Versailles (Q2007) – Versailles is a medium-scale design in charcoal and grey with an added depth of metallic reflectivity.
    Tellaro (Q4025) – Tellaro is a semi-translucent quartz with white and grey flowing together creating a beautiful design punctuated by taupe veining.
    Marrara (Q4026) – Inspired by Carrara marble, this unique design features grey veining in a warm white, semi-translucent background.
    Lucca (Q4027L) – This statuary-like marble design is set in a cool white background; the large grey veining is complex and highlighted by white and brown features. A special order bookmatched companion available.

    “The world isn’t black and white, and neither is this collection,” said Natalia Smith, Design Manager at Wilsonart. “Classic and timeless, these designs will shine on their own and provide the perfect opportunity to showcase an authentic, personalized design story.”

    Wilsonart Quartz meets industry standards including UL GREENGUARD Gold for indoor air quality, NSF International and Kosher compliances for safe surfaces for food preparation. New Wilsonart Quartz arrivals will be available on the Wilsonart Visualizer.

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  • NCARB Announces Alternate Path to Licensure for Experienced Professionals

    Designers with more than five years experience can now satisfy the Architectural Experience Program's requirements by completing an online portfolio of work.

    By Katharine Keane,

    The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) announced on Thursday at the 2017 AIA Conference on Architecture in Orlando, Fla., that design professionals with more than five years experience can satisfy the Architectural Experience Program's (AXP) requirements by completing an online portfolio of work.

    "The AXP Portfolio ensures that the profession of architecture continues to move in a more inclusive direction, while still maintaining the rigor needed to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare," said NCARB President Kristine Harding, AIA, in a press release. "We’re excited to open new doors for accomplished designers who want to continue to advance their careers."

    This alternate path—which calls for the documentation of work that is older than five years in an AXP Portolfio—was designed for professionals who put off licensure for personal or financial reasons. Work examples that satisfy key tasks outlined in the AXP must also be included.

    To qualify for the AXP Portolio option, professionals must have, according to the release, "a current supervisor who is an architect licensed in the U.S. or Canada, and willing to attest to their knowledge and experience [and] at least two years of experience from more than five years ago, including at least one year of experience earned while employed by a firm engaged in the lawful practice of architecture under the supervision of an architect licensed in the United States or Canada."

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  • Habitat’s National Women Build Week

    Thousands of women build up communities and each other with Habitat for Humanity and Lowe’s
    Celebrating 10 years of empowering women, volunteers will build and improve 600 homes during National Women Build Week, May 6–14

    ATLANTA (May 4, 2017) — More than 17,000 women volunteers will come together starting Saturday in their local communities to help build or improve affordable homes alongside future homeowners as part of Habitat for Humanity and Lowe’s 10th annual National Women Build Week. With the help of Lowe’s Heroes volunteers, they will build or improve 600 Habitat homes in nearly 50 states in just one week.

    Lowe’s helped launch National Women Build Week in 2008 to empower women with construction skills and give them a platform to tackle affordable homeownership in their communities.

    “It’s very inspiring to see 17,000 strong, empowered women join together to work with families who are building toward better futures,” said Lisa Marie Nickerson, associate director of Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program. “With Lowe’s support, the event continues to grow, and I’m proud to say that female construction crews have helped build nearly 3,800 Habitat homes in the past nine years. It just goes to show that no task is too big when we tackle it together.”

    One of those construction volunteers is future Habitat homeowner Marisol Santos of Randolph, New Jersey. Santos will join her local crew to help build a home alongside a future Habitat homeowner. She is also working toward building her own Habitat home, which will be handicap–accessible to help her son get around in his wheelchair.

    “Finally, we will have a wheelchair-accessible home, which will help my son easily move around the house and make him feel more comfortable,” Santos said. “My son is overwhelmed with joy because he knows it will make our lives much easier.”

    Each year, Lowe’s provides the support of its Lowe’s Heroes volunteers, who conduct how–to clinics in stores to teach community volunteers home improvement skills. Since first launching the annual event, Lowe’s has committed more than $15 million in support of Habitat’s National Women Build Week and helped more than 3,800 Habitat families improve their living conditions.

    Brooke Reed of Stillwater, Oklahoma is one of those homeowners who now reflects back to how instrumental National Women Build Week was to establishing a strong foundation for her family. In 2012, she helped raise the walls on her Habitat home as part of the week. She moved out of a trailer park and into her home later that year. Reed said owning a Habitat home has given her the opportunity to build her credit, save money and create a better life for her and her children.

    “As women, it’s important to support and empower each other in all facets of life including home ownership and maintenance,” said Jocelyn Wong, chief marketing officer at Lowe’s and National Women Build Week advocate. “National Women Build Week offers an opportunity for women to come together, learn construction skills, and make a positive impact in the lives of others in their communities. We hope that many more women will join Lowe’s and Habitat as we continue to help families realize their dream of home ownership.”

    In celebration of the 10th annual event of National Women Build Week and reaching the milestone of engaging 100,000 volunteers, Lowe’s and Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte are hosting a kickoff event on May 5. Women leaders and executives in the Charlotte area will join together, put their building skills to the test and inspire other women to make a meaningful impact in their community.

    For more information on Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program, and to learn about Women Build projects in communities across the U.S., visit

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  • Nemetschek Group Brands Exhibit at AIA Conference in Orlando

    Munich / Orlando, April 27, 2017 – Three of the largest brand companies within the Nemetschek Group are presenting at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2017. The Nemetschek Group is one of the leading software providers in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry with 14 strong brands focused on optimizing the process of designing, building and managing buildings and on true-to-life visualization. The AIA Conference starts today in Orlando and runs until April 29. Around 20,000 attendees from the building industry are expected at the conference and exhibition.

    At the opening of the conference, Sean Flaherty, chief strategy officer at the Nemetschek Group, commented that “we are very happy to be represented by Bluebeam, GRAPHISOFT and Vectorworks this year. All three brands are strong players in the U.S. with excellent vertical solutions. They thoroughly understand the needs of the building industry and provide true value through open standards and model quality.” The three companies are exhibiting in close proximity to one another at the AIA Conference underscoring the broad range of solutions within the Nemetschek Group.

    Bluebeam (booth #2763)

    Bluebeam, a leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the AEC industry, is returning to AIA 2017 to talk with attendees about workflows, design challenges, technology, and the latest enhancements to Bluebeam Revu. Launched earlier this year, Revu 2017 enables architects to manage all 2D and 3D project communication with a document-based collaboration platform as well as advanced markup and automation tools. At the show, Bluebeam will demonstrate how design professionals can leverage the power of Revu to increase collaboration and streamline workflows. It will also exhibit their latest measurement, estimation, and image-based tools, including new 360° photo and 3D PDF solutions.

    GRAPHISOFT (booth #2963)

    GRAPHISOFT North America will be showcasing its award-winning app, BIMx, with new virtual reality (VR) capabilities via Google Cardboard. GRAPHISOFT will also give a preview of the new features to appear in the next version of BIM software, ARCHICAD 21, to their users at the annual Customer Appreciation Breakfast on Friday, April 28, 8–10 a.m.

    On Saturday, April 29, 11 a.m.–12 p.m., Richard Crowe, AIA, principal GRC Architects, will give a talk entitled “Small Firms, Big Projects Powered by BIM” in which he will present different case studies. Attendees will get a snapshot into the ever-evolving world of BIM, with emphasis on cutting-edge BIM benefits, including level-of-detailing strategies, accessing of construction documentation, and model sharing throughout the design process.

    Also, designLAB, an award-winning Boston firm working with GRAPHISOFT solutions, will receive an AIA Honor Award for Interior Architecture on Friday, April 28, 3:30–4:30 p.m., for the design of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Claire T. Carney Library.

    Vectorworks (booth #2863)

    Vectorworks, Inc., a global design and BIM software developer, will offer personalized Vectorworks® Architect software demos and presentations on features that enable designers to complete any project in any phase of design. There will be demo stations of 3D laser scanning, advanced 3D modeling tools, virtual reality and BIM, as well as previews of upcoming immersive technologies.

    From 2D drafting and 3D modeling to creating coordinated construction documents and fully developed BIM models, Vectorworks Architect helps connect the entire design process from concept to construction, allowing architects to do more than just BIM. With Vectorworks, designers can take on a project of any scale, from urban planning to high-rise buildings to interior renovations and fit-outs. The presentation schedule is below.

    Thursday, April 27
    From Laser Scan to Model: 11:00 AM
    Next Gen 3D Modeling: 2:00 PM
    How BIM and VR Go Hand in Hand: 2:30 PM
    Teamwork: BIM Success with IFC Interoperability: 3:00 PM

    Friday, April 28
    How BIM and VR Go Hand in Hand: 11:00 AM
    From Laser Scan to Model: 2:00 PM
    Next Gen 3D Modeling: 2:30 PM

    Saturday, April 29
    Next Gen 3D Modeling: 10:00 AM
    How BIM and VR Go Hand in Hand: 10:30 AM

    There will be demos of new immersive technologies in the years to come that will offer new ways to view and present models to better sell clients:

    • Previously introduced with Vectorworks 2017 in September of 2016, web view and virtual reality will receive substantial usability and visual improvements, such as ambient occlusion.
    • Using panorama capabilities, designers and clients may experience the model in wide immersive view.
    • Using an iOS® or Android™ mobile device and a 2D floor plan, designers may benefit from Augmented Reality technology to view a 3D, virtual version of their model on top of their plan.

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  • Pollmeier USA at HD Expo: A Hospitality Design Event

    Come visit Pollmeier in Booth # 1441 and see their new product,"Ingenious Hardwood BauBuche".!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc. to Showcase Software and Preview Future Immersive Technologies at AIA

    Demos and presentations of features that support entire design phase planned at booth 2863

    Orlando, FL (April 27, 2017)—During the AIA Conference on Architecture 2017 in Orlando, Florida from April 27-April 29, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. will be at booth 2863 in the Software & Technology Pavilion. Vectorworks will offer personalized Vectorworks® Architect software demos and presentations on features that enable designers to complete any project in any phase of design. Upcoming immersive technologies will also be previewed.
    Vectorworks Architect is an industry-leading architectural design and BIM software that helps connect the entire design process from concept to construction in one platform. From 2D drafting and 3D modeling to creating coordinated construction documents and fully developed BIM models, Vectorworks Architect's broad set of design and BIM capabilities allow architects to do more than just information modeling, while increasing productivity and unlocking creativity. With Vectorworks, designers can take on a project of any scale, from urban planning, high-rise buildings, to interior renovations and fit outs.

    “Depending on the types of projects or the phase of design, an architect's workflow can vary greatly,” said Dan Monaghan, vice president of marketing at Vectorworks.“ This can lead architects to use many different software programs to get jobs out the door. Although BIM is essential in today’s processes, the truth is, as an architect you need more than BIM, and Vectorworks offers more.”

    Furthermore, Vectorworks Architect has the largest number of import and export capabilities in the industry, allowing designers to seamlessly collaborate and share with everyone involved in the design process. During AIA, attendees can take an in-depth look at Vectorworks Architect by scheduling a personalized demo. Specifically, there will be demo stations of 3D laser scanning, advanced 3D modeling tools, virtual reality and BIM.


    There will be three new immersive technologies in the years to come that will offer new ways to view and present models to better sell clients. Demos for the following will take place at the show:

    Previously introduced with Vectorworks 2017 in September of 2016, web view and virtual reality will receive substantial usability and visual improvements, such as ambient occlusion.

    Using panorama capabilities, designers and clients may experience the model in wide immersive view.

    Using an iOS® or Android™ mobile device and a 2D floor plan, designers may benefit from Augmented Reality technology to view a 3D, virtual version of their model on top of their plan.

    Email Vectorworks' Senior Marketing Program Coordinator Samantha Link at to schedule a demo of these technologies during AIA.

    All presentations will take place at Vectorworks' booth #2863.

    Thursday, April 27
    From Laser Scan to Model: 11:00 AM
    Next Gen 3D Modeling: 2:00 PM
    How BIM and VR Go Hand in Hand: 2:30 PM
    Teamwork: BIM Success with IFC Interoperability: 3:00 PM

    Friday, April 28
    How BIM and VR Go Hand in Hand: 11:00 AM
    From Laser Scan to Model: 2:00 PM
    Next Gen 3D Modeling: 2:30 PM

    Saturday, April 29
    Next Gen 3D Modeling: 10:00 AM
    How BIM and VR Go Hand in Hand: 10:30 AM

    To learn more about Vectorworks Architect, visit the AIA booth 2863 or

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  • American Planning Association Announces 2017 National Planning Award Recipients


    The American Planning Association (APA) honors comprehensive planning efforts and inspiring individuals with its 2017 National Planning Excellence and Achievement Awards.

    APA’s national awards program is a proud tradition established more than 50 years ago to recognize outstanding community plans, planning programs and initiatives, public education efforts, and individuals for their leadership on planning issues. These efforts help create communities of lasting value throughout the country – and around the world.

    Each year, APA recognizes outstanding efforts in planning and planning leadership through its National Planning Excellence and Achievement Awards. The two-tier awards are selected through a juried process. Excellence recipients are the highest honor and Achievement Awards recognize areas of specialization with the planning profession.

    Five recipients were selected to receive APA’s National Planning Excellence Awards and 12 recipients were selected to receive Achievement Awards. Award recipients will be recognized during APA’s National Planning Conference at a special awards luncheon on Monday, May 8, 2017, in New York City. Read more about the 2017 award recipients, access images and supplemental materials.

    2017 National Planning Excellence Recipients

    National Planning Excellence Award for Planning Pioneers
    Lawrence P. Witzling, PhD, AIA, ASLA—Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    National Planning Excellence Award for a Planning Landmark
    Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve –MontgomeryCounty, Maryland

    Pierre L’Enfant International Planning Excellence Award
    Bhubaneswar Smart City Plan – Odisha, India

    Advancing Diversity & Social Change in Honor of Paul Davidoff
    Near Northside Quality of Life Agreement (QLA) 2015 – Houston, Texas

    Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan
    Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan – Plano, Texas

    National Planning Achievement Awards

    The Achievement Awards are a way for the awards jury to recognize good planning work and are similar to an honorable mention.

    National Planning Achievement Award for a Best Practice | Gold
    Urban Development Areas and Technical Assistance Grant Program – Commonwealth of Virginia

    National Planning Achievement Award for a Best Practice | Silver
    Placemaking for an Aging Population: Guidelines for Senior-Friendly Parks – Los Angeles, California

    National Planning Achievement Award for a Best Practice | Silver
    Historic Fort Ord Regional Urban Design Guidelines – Monterey Bay, California

    National Planning Achievement Award for a Best Practice | Silver
    Plan 2020: The Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis – Indianapolis, Indiana

    National Planning Achievement Award for Economic Development Planning | Gold
    Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District – Wynwood, Miami, Florida

    National Planning Achievement Award for Environmental Planning | Gold
    Colorado Resiliency Framework – State of Colorado

    National Planning Achievement Award for Environmental Planning | Silver
    Millvale Ecodistrict Pivot Plan – Millvale, Pennsylvania

    National Planning Achievement Award for a Grassroots Initiative | Gold
    Huerta del Valle Community Garden – Ontario, California

    National Planning Achievement Award for Implementation | Gold
    Arlington County’s Smart Growth Journey – Arlington County, Virginia

    National Planning Achievement Award for Public Outreach | Gold
    The Game of Floods – Marin County, California

    National Planning Achievement Award for Transportation Planning | Gold
    Bicycle Master Plan Stress Map – Montgomery County, Maryland

    National Planning Achievement Award for Urban Design | Gold
    Austin Historic Cemeteries Master Plan – Austin, Texas

    "Good planning is not just preparing the community for the future, but engaging the residents in the discussions and decision-making that will impact their lives," said W. Shedrick Coleman, AIA, 2017 chair of APA’s Awards Jury. "This year’s award recipients advanced the planning profession by more thoroughly engaging all residents in the planning process."

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  • Stainless Steel Waterstop for Buncefield Reconstruction

    Earth Shield is installed in the reconstruction of Buncefield

    On December 11, 2005 a series of explosions rocked the Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal, located near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, England. The plastic waterstops that were in the fuel terminal joints all failed due to the high heat of the fire. The Health Protection Agency and the Major Incident Investigation Board provided advice to prevent incidents such as these from happening again, including the utilization of stainless steel waterstop in place at all concrete joints to prevent fuel from escaping the bund walls.

    In July of 2014, JP Specialties, Inc. was contracted to provide our Earth Shield® Stainless Steel Waterstop (part nos. JP1122 and JP1122R) in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal.

    Earth Shield® Stainless Steel Waterstop is used as a fluid-tight diaphragm, embedded in concrete, across and along the joint, for primary and secondary containment structures. Earth Shield® Stainless Steel Waterstop can stop even the most corrosive fluids in their tracks, even at severely elevated temperatures.

    A variety of metals, grades, and gauges are available. Earth Shield® utilizes 20 gauge 316 low carbon as our standard alloy, which offers broad spectrum corrosion resistance to most aggressive media, and is virtually untouched by the deleterious effects of ozone, making it an ideal choice for ozone contactor structures used in modern water treatment plants.

    Earth Shield® Stainless Steel Waterstop is available in many standard shapes and sizes including profiles for new construction and retrofit. All change of direction fabrications (shop made fittings) can be premanufactured leaving only straight butt welding for the Contractor in the field.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc. Invites Local Businesses to Join Earth Day Cleanup on April 20

    Volunteers who donate 20 minutes receive a 20 percent discount on lunch at Abby's Market Café

    Columbia, MD (April 12, 2017)—In honor of Earth Day, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. invites local businesses in Howard County, Maryland to positively impact the community by participating in a cleanup.

    “Vectorworks software helps designers create beautiful, sustainable buildings, gardens, grounds, campuses, communities and more. As part of our company's mission to transform the world through great design, we believe in taking care of our surroundings to ensure that they are sustained for the years to come,” said Tania Salgado-Nealous, vice president of human resources and operations at Vectorworks. “Earth Day is a great time to bring people together through the preservation of our environment, and that’s why we wanted to reach out to other businesses nearby, so we could work together for the betterment of the community.”

    The cleanup will take place on Thursday, April 20 at 11:00 a.m. and volunteers local to the area should meet at that time outside the main Vectorworks entrance at 7150 Riverwood Drive in Columbia, Maryland. Volunteers are free to join Vectorworks employees or coordinate a cleanup at a location of their choice.
    Following the 20-minute cleanup, volunteers can take advantage of a discounted lunch at Abby’s Market Café located at 7160 Riverwood Drive in Columbia, Maryland. As part of the initiative on April 20, Abby's will offer all participants a 20 percent discount on their sandwiches, wraps and salads (excludes protein add-ons). To redeem this offer, volunteers must present a voucher provided by Vectorworks.

    Interested parties should RSVP by contacting Vectorworks Operations Coordinator Chelbee Johnson at Johnson will also help coordinate groups for cleanups taking place at locations other than the Vectorworks headquarters and issue electronic vouchers for the Abby’s discount. When preparing for the cleanup, volunteers should dress in comfortable, brightly colored clothing and bring trash bags and garden gloves.

    Finally, be sure to share photos of your volunteer efforts with @Vectorworks on Twitter so that we can send them to the Howard County Government’s Office of Environmental Sustainability's LiveGreenHoward initiative, who spearheaded the #20minutecleanup.

    “We hope that companies in any location are motivated to coordinate their own cleanups in honor of Earth Day,” said Salgado-Nealous.

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  • Illuminating Spaces: Legrand Lighting Controls Contribute to Innovative Healthcare Construction

    SAN JOSE, Calif., April 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Legrand, North America announced today its contributions to the Building for Transformative Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Working in close collaboration with the hospital, Legrand and ESS Lighting & Controls met multiple lighting project goals focused on energy savings and the occupant experience.

    Having welcomed its first patients in early October 2016, the 14-story, 380,000 square feet (program space) state-of-the-art facility is accelerating the translation of science into the clinical setting. The hospital is one of the most innovative healthcare projects in the country from its green design, construction, maintenance solutions, and lighting strategies.

    The facility is expected to attain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. According to Brigham and Women's Hospital, “The building is designed to provide as much access to natural light as possible, and an open floor plan for collaboration will provide scientists with research spaces that foster creativity, productivity and a robust exchange of ideas.”

    Legrand and ESS Lighting & Controls worked closely with the hospital's construction team and key vendors to meet several lighting design objectives that focused on creating specific ambiances for spaces, improving the occupant experience for patients and staff, as well as increasing energy efficiency. Requirements included:

    • Providing access to natural light
    • Meeting energy and building code requirements
    • Increasing energy savings through daylight harvesting and time of day controls
    • Ability for lighting controls to integrate with other systems, such as the building management, shading system controls, and A/V systems via BACnet

    The lighting controls project with Legrand and ESS Lighting centered on specific areas of the facility including hallways, corridors, lounges, general gathering areas, restaurants, cafes, as well as education and training rooms.

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  • Chinese Launch Marks 11th Language Release of Vectorworks 2017

    Release coincides with multiple launch events across China throughout April and May, presenting opportunities to explore new features

    Columbia, MD (April 10, 2017)—Building upon the English release in September 2016, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. announces the release of the Chinese version of its Vectorworks 2017 software line, which includes Vectorworks® Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer and Fundamentals. Part of a worldwide rollout, the Chinese language is the final installment to join other languages, including Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish.

    To demonstrate the new technology features of Vectorworks 2017, Mad Macs Technology Distributions Limited, the Vectorworks distributor in China, will host the following free events throughout April and May:

    • Beijing: April 11, 2017
    • Shanghai: April 14, 2017
    • Ningbo: April 18, 2017
    • Hangzhou: April 21, 2017
    • Chengdu: April 26, 2017
    • Chongqing: April 28, 2017
    • Nanchang: May 11, 2017
    • Wuhan: May 13, 2017
    • Changsha: May 15, 2017
    • Guangzhou: May 17, 2017

    Attendees of the launch events can enjoy free refreshments and will have the chance to win a free Vectorworks Fundamentals 2017 license. Space is limited and interested parties can register on the Chinese launch website.

    “We are committed to providing Chinese designers with tools that meet their growing needs,” said Cecil Fung, managing director of Mad Macs Technology Distributions, Ltd. “With Vectorworks 2017's robust updates, we continue to put designers' needs first, making it one of the top design and BIM solutions for the Chinese market.”

    Learn more about the 100-plus updates in Vectorworks 2017 by visiting

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  • Fox Blocks Supports Industry Study Showing Thermal Benefits of ICF

    First analysis of Insulated Concrete Forms and wood walls shows major energy savings from ICF.

    Omaha, Nebraska - March 30, 2017 - Fox Blocks, as part of the Insulated Concrete Form Manufacturers Association, supported an independent study by CLEB Laboratory that revealed superior insulating value and energy savings in testing comparisons of a typical 6-inch (150 mm) ICF wall over a 2x6 wood framed wall.

    CLEB Laboratory conducted whole-wall thermal studies comparing 6-inch (150 mm) thick wall assemblies made with ICF and wood. They evaluated their findings against U.S. and Canadian codes, both of which revealed higher thermal insulating properties and energy saving capabilities from ICF wall assemblies over traditional wood wall assemblies. An improvement in R value and energy savings with ICF over wood frame construction were reported based on North American climate zones and other conditions. The full report is available at:

    “Fox Blocks is pleased to support the ICF Manufacturers Association in this first of many CLEB Laboratory analysis of ICF. We can scientifically quantify benefits that our customers have experienced for many years,” says Mike Kennaw, Vice President of Fox Blocks. “This study, funded by the united ICF market shows that we are growing as an industry and together will bring thermal benefits, and many other benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms, to North American building owners.”

    Kennaw noted that this first in a series of CLEB Laboratory studies for the ICF Manufacturers Association comparing full wall assemblies of a traditional 2 x 6 insulated wood frame wall to a standard ICF with a 6-inch core. Previous ICF tests were based on limited field comparisons or thermographic computer modeling. “Even though ICF has been around for decades, this type of formal analysis will help building owners feel more comfortable with the ICF approach compared to stick frame construction,” Kennaw said.

    The study was SCC & IAC accredited and used ASTM testing procedures as it confirmed measurable energy savings from the continuous interior and exterior insulation surrounding the concrete wall thermal mass. The study investigated heat flow, surface temperatures, surface conductance and other thermal conditions. CLEB Laboratory concluded that up to $140 - $190 per month could be saved in extreme cold conditions (-30°F) using ICF instead of traditional wood frame construction.

    “We look forward to getting the word out about this breakthrough study, supporting future studies and working in other ways with ICFMA members to promote the many benefits of building with Insulated Concrete Forms,” said Kennaw.

    About Fox Blocks: Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Form Wall Systems provide an extremely energy efficient building envelope offering superior strength, sound, air quality, and well insulated walls. Fox Blocks ICF building blocks is a division of Airlite Plastics Company.

    About CLEB Laboratory: CLEB is based in Montreal, Canada with offices in New York and elsewhere. It includes consulting offices and a test laboratory offering a range of expertise, testing, and quality control.

    About the ICFMA: The Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association is the North American, non-profit trade associations for the Insulated Concrete Form industry. It was founded in 2014 to improve the quality and acceptance of Insulated Concrete Form construction.

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  • Registration Opens for 2017 Vectorworks Design Summit

    Hands-on training and CEU’s among many benefits of conference

    Columbia, MD (March 29, 2017)—Global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. invites professionals, educators and students in the AEC, landscape and entertainment industries to attend the third annual Vectorworks Design Summit from September 18 to 20, 2017 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel in MD. The conference includes three days of industry sessions, tech support, networking events and inspiring keynotes, as well as hands-on training opportunities to arm designers with the resources to improve their company’s bottom line.

    “The Vectorworks Design Summit is the most efficient and cost-effective way to obtain software training,” said Nicole Davison, vice president of sales at Vectorworks. “Based on feedback from our community of designers, this year’s event boasts even more lab-style training sessions and one-on-one tech support, along with multiple accredited speaking sessions by industry thought leaders. We’re always looking for more opportunities to make designers’ jobs easier and help them grow their skills.”

    The agenda includes plenty of networking events, like the exhibitor happy hour and the Customer Appreciation Dinner, as well as all the lunches and breaks between sessions. In addition, there will be two keynotes and more than 30 sessions led by industry experts, like Greg Henderson, founder of Arx Pax Labs, Inc.; Steve Shelley, president of Field Template LLC; Bryan Goff, director of design + sciences at Grey Leaf Design, Inc.; and Todd McCurdy, vice president at Huitt-Zollars. Session and training topics span a variety of areas, including: the basics of building information modeling (BIM), moving from 2D to 3D modeling, water-efficient landscape design, working with DWG files, graphical scripting, event design and more; multiple sessions will offer continuing education credits.

    Last year's Design Summit received high marks from attendees, such as Chris Burgin of Axxis Inc., who said his favorite part of the Design Summit was, “learning tips to make my workflow faster, learning about upcoming and new features and meeting other people who are excited about Vectorworks.”

    Registration and other pricing details below:
    • Now until May 31, attendees can save $200 and register for $499, as well as take advantage of discounted rooms at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, the conference’s headquarters, for $199 per night.
    • Until April 30, there is a buy one, get one free special on registration.
    • From May 31 until August 8, admission for the event will increase to $599, and room rates will be $222 per night.
    • Post-August 9, registration will cost $699 with room rates at $222 per night.
    • As part of Vectorworks’ commitment to supporting the academic community, students and professors can register from now until May 31 for just $49, or at any time after for $99.

    To see the full list of sessions and to register, please visit

    Press can register for free by emailing Vectorworks' Communications Manager Lauren Meyer at

    Join the Summit conversation by following and engaging with #VectorworksDesignSummit.

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  • James D. Hussin Receives ACSE Geo–Institute’s Wallace Hayward Baker Award

    Hanover, Md., March 21, 2017 - James D. Hussin, P.E., M.ASCE is the recipient of the Wallace Hayward Baker Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers' Geo-Institute. The award was presented by Garry H. Gregory, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, president of the Geo-Institute, on March 13, 2017 at the Geo-Frontiers 2017 conference in Orlando, Fla.

    In receiving the career award, Hussin was cited for his "extraordinary contributions to the ground improvement industry through development of soil mixing technologies and the creative application of Vibro ground improvement" in the North American construction industry.

    Hussin has more than 35 years of experience in geotechnical engineering and construction. He joined Hayward Baker Inc. in 1984 as a senior project engineer and in 1992 became chief engineer in the company's office in Tampa, Fla. In 2002, Hussin was appointed a director at Hayward Baker Inc., and in 2015 he was named a director at Keller Foundations LLC, Hayward Baker's parent company.

    Hussin has participated in some of the largest and most challenging ground improvement projects in the United States, often involving multiple techniques. Among them are ground improvement for the Steel Creek Dam at the Savannah River Plant in South Carolina, the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia, the LNG Import Terminal in Puerto Rico, U.S. Highway 1 at Jewfish Creek near Key Largo, Fla., the Wando Terminal in South Carolina, several Cape Canaveral Airforce Station launch pads, and the Herbert Hoover Dike in Florida

    Hussin's work has made a significant contribution to the practical design and construction of many types of ground modification systems.
    He is the author of more than 20 published papers pertaining to ground improvement, grouting and geotechnical engineering.

    The Wallace Hayward Baker Award was established in 2000 by the Geo-Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The award is given in recognition of creative and innovative contributions in the field of ground modification. Emphasis is placed on the resourceful development of new technologies – or the creative application of existing technologies – to achieve performance not previously demonstrated in the ground modification field.

    Commenting on the award announcement, John Rubright, president of Keller North America stated, "We are delighted that the Geo-Institute has recognized Jim's expertise and outstanding contributions to the ground improvement field. Through his efforts, ground improvement technologies have made great strides in the United States in terms of their practical application."

    Hussin is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (ISSMFE), the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), among others. He has been very active in the ASCE, serving as a counselor for the ASCE Technical Coordination Council representing the National Soil Improvement Committee, Grouting Committee and Deep Soil Mixing Task Force. Hussin is also a past chairman of the ASCE National Technical Committee on Soil Improvement.

    About ASCE and the Geo-Institute

    Established in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers is America's oldest national engineering society. It represents more than 40,000 members of the civil engineering profession. The society's mission is to "provide essential value to ASCE members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve the public good."
    ASCE members hold a bachelor's or higher degree from an accredited civil engineering program, are licensed professional engineers, or have a minimum of five year's responsible charge of engineering experience.

    The Geo-Institute was established in 1996 and is one of ASCE's eight institutes. Its members include scientists, engineers, technologists and organizations interested in improving the environment, mitigating natural hazards, and economically constructing engineered facilities.
    Its award programs, including the Wallace Hayward Baker Award, offer members opportunities to be recognized for their contribution to the geotechnical profession.

    About Hayward Baker Inc.

    Hayward Baker is North America's leader in geotechnical construction, annually ranked by Engineering News-Record (ENR) magazine #1 in foundation construction. With a more than 60-year record of experience, Hayward Baker offers geotechnical construction technologies through a network of more than 30 company-owned offices and equipment yards across the continent. Project applications include foundation support, settlement control, site improvement, slope stabilization, underpinning, excavation shoring, earth retention, seismic/liquefaction mitigation, ground water control, and environmental remediation.

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  • Why Should You Have Your Railings Custom-Made?

    There are several strong reasons to consider having railings for your home custom-made. The first is appearance. Custom-made railings from AGS will look better on your home than stock railings purchased from a retail supplier. They will fit your home more precisely, they will get you more compliments, last longer, require less work to install and be easier to maintain in the coming years. Imagine how gorgeous your home or office will look with new custom-made railings from AGS Stainless!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc. Introduces Service Pack 3 Release for Vectorworks and Vision 2017

    Service Pack 3 includes several performance updates

    Columbia, Md. (March 21, 2017)—Today, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. announces the Service Pack 3 (SP3) release for the 2017 line of products, which include Vectorworks® Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer and Vision.

    “Vectorworks 2017 was a monumental release for us, but we haven’t stopped working to make it the best design software available,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “This feature-heavy Service Pack 3 update reinforces our mission to develop user-friendly and adaptable software that achieves high-quality performance for the ever-changing needs of today’s professional design firms. What’s more, our service packs are a free added benefit to all customers.”


    The new productivity and performance enhancements in the SP3 release include the following:

    • For a more productive 3D workflow and faster navigation, designers will benefit from improved capability with 3Dconnexion’s 3D mouse. Designers can make use of the 3D mouse and design with two hands for better workflow customization. Functionality on the Mac now aligns with that of Windows.
    • Providing a greater level of control and consistency on Open BIM projects, the new IFC Data Mappings command ensures that IFC has been mapped before exporting to a BIM model.
    • More than 13 times as many high-quality 3D plants from VBvisual are now available by default, at the time of use, enabling more efficient workflows and offering improved visualizations.
    • With IFC symbol import, it’s now possible to instance symbol data, which reduces file import time and file size, therefore improving the overall file performance.
    • When exporting sheet layers to DWG, only the visible objects are exported. This significantly improves the file size when exporting a small, cropped viewport from a large file.
    • Overall performance improvements include but are not limited to the Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM), structural member object, viewport data visualization and BCF Manager.


    Since acquiring what was previously known as ESP Vision, Vectorworks has been committed to the continued development and improved performance of the Vision previsualization software. To this end, the Vision 2017 Service Pack 3 received performance improvements, notably to rendering quality and speed.

    “I must say, improvements are noticeable and as a customer that makes me happy,” said Gaspar Potcnik, a Vectorworks user, acknowledging the Vision updates. “The new render is much more user friendly.”

    Other new Vision updates with SP3 include:

    • The new Export Video command allows designers to render out a movie of the currently rendered scene as a video file for improved sharing of design ideas with clients and colleagues
    • Significantly faster file loading time
    • Video capture devices can easily be customized for screen displays
    • More realistic textured objects

    Current Vectorworks users can apply Service Pack 3 updates by running the “Check for Updates” command, and those purchasing a Vectorworks 2017 license after the Service Pack 3 release should double check that it was downloaded. Vision users can obtain the links to download Service Pack 3 updates by visiting the tech bulletin.

    To learn more about Vectorworks 2017 software, click “READ MORE”.

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  • Visit Us at These Upcoming Trade Shows

    See us at Booth #305 and learn how VaproShield Membranes are ideally suited for modular factory installation. March 17-20, J.W. Marriott of Tucson, AZ.

    Visit Booth 309 on March 28-30 at the Oregon Convention Center to see how VaproShield membranes are the perfect WRB / Air-Barrier's for Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT.)

    Come to Booth 441 and learn why VaproShield membranes are the ideal WRB/Air barrier for in all settings-especially pre-panel manufacturing and fabricating.

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  • Experience Tough Yet Flexible Waterproofing with HRM 714 from W. R. MEADOWS

    Hampshire, IL – HRM 714 from W. R. MEADOWS is hot-applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane that is comprised of 100% solids blend of asphalts, synthetic rubber polymers, and filler formulated to provide toughness with flexibility and low moisture vapor permeance.

    HRM 714 is hot-applied to form a continuous elastomeric membrane. It is ideal for waterproofing bridge, parking, plaza, or promenade decks; tunnels; pedestrian concourses; and similar types of construction where a monolithic waterproofing membrane is desirable.

    "HRM 714 hot applied waterproofing membrane provides W. R. MEADOWS with a hot applied option for waterproofing to complement our line of waterproofing materials, allowing us to be a single source manufacturer for all types of waterproofing applications. It provides both liquid and water vapor protection along with possessing great flexibility and long term durability," said Russ Snow, Building Science Specialist at W. R. MEADOWS.

    HRM 714 comes in a 50 Lb. (22.7 kg) carton in the form of two 25 lb. buns.

    Newly available is a cured sample that shows the toughness and flexibility of the product after application. For more information on HRM 714, and to request promotional materials and samples, call (847) 214-2100, e-mail, or visit

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  • Glass for the Creative Mind in Tempe: Another Award-Winning Texture from Meltdown Glass?

    TEMPE, March 10, 2017- It's never a boring day when you work at Meltdown Glass Art & Design.

    This Monday, employees created a new linear texture that would attract various clients. “We wanted to appeal to modern designers who still have a love for organic nature-inspired designs.” The texture, recently named Coastal, was created by hand at their Arizona based factory. It can be used in kiln-fired glass installations ranging from large monolithic feature walls, privacy partitions, counter and tabletops, signage, doors, cabinets, water features, and more. Meltdown Glass creates panels as large as 90” x 150” and that range in 1/4” to 3” in thicknesses. Visit the website at to see hundreds of their decorative glass installations.

    About Meltdown Glass:

    Started in 1993 by glass artist BJ Katz, Meltdown Glass has grown to become one of America's pre-eminent glass art studios as well as a leading manufacturer of kiln-cast glass for architecture, interiors and fine art. Meltdown Glass fabricates specialty glass orders that are installed all over the country for a diverse client base. For more information about the company, please visit

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  • John Wolosick is Named Engineer of the Year in Industry by the Georgia Society of Professional Engineers

    Hanover, Md., March 9, 2017 – Hayward Baker Inc. (HBI), North America‘s leader in geotechnical construction, is pleased to report that John R. Wolosick, P.E., D.G.E., has received an Engineer of the Year in Industry Award from the Georgia Society of Professional Engineers.

    The award was part of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia’s inaugural Georgia Engineering Awards event held on February 25, 2017 celebrating the state‘s exceptional engineers, engineering projects and industry achievements. More than 400 attendees were present at the awards event.

    Wolosick‘s award covered one of nine engineering categories for which awards were given (Industry), and there were also 14 State and Honor Awards given to engineering companies based on noteworthy projects completed across seven categories.

    Wolosick is the director of engineering at Hayward Baker‘s Atlanta office, where he is responsible for engineering design and business development support for HBI‘s offices nationwide. With 37 years of experience in geotechnical engineering and contracting, Wolosick specializes in slope stabilization, support of excavation, soil nailing, micropile foundations including underpinning, and all types of grouting. He holds his B.S. and M.S. degrees in civil engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a registered professional engineer in 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states.

    Highly active in the construction engineering field, Wolosick is the immediate past president of the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI), an international association of more over 3,300 contractors, engineers, suppliers, academics and owners in the deep foundations industry. In addition to having served as president and trustee at DFI, Wolosick is a member of the ASCE Earth Retaining Structures Committee. He is a former co-chair of the ADSC/DFI Micropile Committee (2004-2007), and chair of the ASCE/Geo-Institute of Georgia Geotechnical Committee (2003-2005).

    Wolosick is also the author of more than 35 technical papers and is the recipient of the 2008 ASCE/Geo-Institute Martin S. Kapp Foundation Engineering Award.

    Commenting on the receipt of his award, John Wolosick stated, "I am deeply honored to be recognized by my peers with this award. My career has been a lot of fun. One of my mentors, George Sowers, often said that if you aren’t having fun at work, find something else to do!"

    John Wolosick is based in Hayward Baker’s Atlanta office. He can be reached at 770-442-1801 or

    About the Georgia Engineering Awards

    Debuting in 2017, the Georgia Engineering Awards celebrate the state’s exceptional engineers, engineering projects and industry achievements. The awards program is hosted by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia (ACEC Georgia) and the Georgia Society of Professional Engineers (GSPE), with the support of the nine other associations that comprise the Georgia Engineering Alliance:

    American Society of Civil Engineers - Georgia Section
    American Society of Highway Engineers - Georgia Chapter
    Georgia Engineering Foundation
    Institute of Transportation Engineers - Georgia Section
    Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia
    Society of American Military Engineers - Atlanta Post
    Society for Marketing Professional Services - Atlanta
    Structural Engineers Association of Georgia
    Women’s Transportation Seminar - Atlanta Chapter

    About Hayward Baker Inc.

    Hayward Baker [] is North America‘s leader in geotechnical construction, annually ranked by Engineering News-Record (ENR) magazine #1 in foundation construction. With a more than 60-year record of experience, Hayward Baker offers geotechnical construction technologies through a network of more than 30 company-owned offices and equipment yards across the continent. Project applications include foundation support, settlement control, site improvement, slope stabilization, underpinning, excavation shoring, earth retention, seismic/liquefaction mitigation, ground water control, and environmental remediation.

    Hayward Baker Inc. is part of the Keller Group of companies, a multinational organization providing geotechnical construction services throughout the world.

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  • Ascension Unveils Their Latest Platform Lift

    Redefining the Industry Standard

    Tucson, Arizona, January 1, 2017 - Ascension, the manufacturer of the globally circulated Protégé and Virtuoso wheelchair lifts, has unveiled their latest platform lift, the Clarity 16E. The Clarity 16E was conceived to support organizations placing a premium on patron dignity and visual appeal to do so without sacrificing safety, reliability or performance. Accordingly, the Clarity 16E offers a unique combination of rise capability, space economy, ADA-compliance, and modern aesthetic.

    Designed with flexibility in mind, the Clarity 16E is capable of providing access for elevation changes between 3' and 14'. In addition, the footprint of the Clarity 16E is 48” wide by 67” deep, making it the narrowest lift suitable for public facilities currently available on the market. Thus, the Clarity 16E is suitable for a range of locations, from K-12 schools and universities to high-end businesses, theaters, and retail stores.

    Merging unparalleled safety with uncompromising image, the Clarity 16E is fully enclosed, yet provides three sides of unimpaired visibility via transparent high-impact acrylic windows. To achieve this combination, the machinery cabinet is uniquely located on the landing side of the lift.

    Furthermore, underlying the Clarity16E's modern aesthetic is a full complement of ADA-compliant features, including non-slip flooring, an illuminated handrail, and a flush, non-pinch machinery cabinet.

    The Clarity 16E also features a ground-level platform that removes the need for an entry ramp or installation pit; a feature that makes the lift an ideal solution for renovations and new structures alike. Finally, the Clarity 16E features the industry’s only 20-year warranty.

    Appearing at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) conference this April, Ascension representatives and technicians will be on hand to discuss this latest innovation, as well as prior design achievements, and how they benefit modern architectural thought and design. Ascension representatives will be at booth 1224.

    For information regarding any Ascension product please visit the Ascension website. To contact a sales or technical representative directly, please call Ascension at 520-881-3993, or toll free at 800-459-0400. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST).

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  • Vectorworks, Inc.'s Japanese Distributor A&A Wins 'BCN AWARD 2017'

    Vectorworks wins CAD software category

    Columbia, Md. (Monday, March 6, 2017)—Global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. congratulates its Japanese distributor A&A Co., Ltd for receiving a BCN AWARD 2017. Winning the CAD software category, A&A received the honor due to its 32 percent Japanese market share, making Vectorworks software the bestselling CAD solution in Japanese electronics retail stores. As the market leader, Vectorworks beat out software providers Phototron Limited (24.3 percent market share) and Lilac System Inc. (21.8 percent market share). Market share is based on statistics accumulated from 2,614 stores providing sales reports to BCN Co., Ltd., the organizer of the BCN AWARD.

    Now in its 18th year, the BCN AWARD collects the sales data of major domestic electric appliance mass merchandisers, personal computer specialty shops and net shops in Japan. Based off these numbers, the awards recognize manufacturers with the highest total annual sales volume.

    “This is an incredible honor for A&A, and it’s quite the accomplishment for them to win this award in the highly competitive Japanese market. We sincerely thank all A&A employees for their hard work and dedication, resulting in this tremendous success,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “We will continue developing the robust Vectorworks product line to further empower our distributors to lead the market and enable today’s designers to create unmatched experiences.”

    This year, 58 product provider companies received prizes in 121 different categories, with a range of software categories such as Business software, Communications software and Education/learning software. This marks the seventh year that A&A was recognized with a BCN AWARD, winning third place in 2012 and second place from 2013 to 2016.

    “It is a great honor to receive a BCN AWARD. It reaffirms that architects and designers highly appreciate the creative design features in the Vectorworks series, which led to us receiving this award,” said Eiichi Kawase, president of A&A Co., Ltd., during the awards ceremony. “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers and dealers who have given us support and patronage. We will continue to make efforts to provide more attractive products and services in the future.”

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  • Attention: Architects, Designers & Mosaic Enthusiasts

    Ready to take a 6,000-year-old design process into the 21st century?

    Artaic and Bostik have paved the way for today's mosaic design to reach beyond the threshold of tomorrow using proprietary robots, and the world's most decorative, high-performance grout. They are co-hosting a FREE event, and YOU are cordially invited.

    Microsoft - Global Flagship store
    Thursday, March 23rd
    Doors at 6:00pm
    Workshop: 6:30 - 9:00pm
    Cocktails: 9:00pm - 11:00pm
    Microsoft Store
    677 Fifth Avenue, NYC

    The night will feature a hands-on tutorial regarding Artaic's mosaic software, Tylist™, details on how Bostik's Dimension® RapidCure™ Glass-Filled, Pre-Mixed, Urethane Grout can enhance any mosaic and information on how you can enter the Design 'N Gather 2017 mosaic design competition.

    Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served at a bar, following the workshop.

    On top of all that, by attending this event, you could win a Microsoft Tablet!

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  • Prestigious Award for VaproShield

    Beyond Green Award of Merit for a High–Performance Innovation

    January 2017 – VaproShield’s Two Component Air Barrier System™ received the 2016 Beyond Green™ Award of Merit for a High–Performance Innovation by the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC). This unique award recognizes the innovations that shape, inform, and catalyze the high-performance building market, as well as the real–world application of high–performance design and construction practices.

    Hosted annually by the National Institute of Building Sciences Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC), the Beyond Green™ Awards honor innovations that best exemplify the eight design objectives of a high-performance building: sustainability, accessibility, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, functionality, productivity, historical sensitivity, and safety and security.

    Beyond Green juror David Underwood, ASHRAE past president and founder of Isotherm Engineering Ltd, noted "VaproShield identified a need to deliver high-performance building enclosures while addressing challenges with the availability of a skilled technical workforce, providing a safe work environment and meeting green building program requirements. Their approach to facilitate achievement of high-performance buildings led to us recognizing them with an Award of Merit for High-Performance Innovations. In fact their product (VaproShield) was used on the Brock Center, winner of the Honor Award"

    VaproShield received their award on January 12th at a special Beyond Green™ Awards Luncheon, to be held during The National Institute of Building Sciences Fifth Annual Conference and Expo: Building Innovation 2017, the week of January 9–12, in Washington, D.C. The Two Component Air Barrier System will be published as a case study on the Whole Building Design Guide® website and be announced in The National Institute of Building Sciences newsletter.

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  • Wood Design & Construction Solutions Conference

    Transformative building technologies and innovations in wood building and design among topics at inaugural Vancouver conference

    (February 10, 2017) - Leading-edge expertise in wood design, construction, finishing and building science will inform and inspire British Columbia’s building and design professionals at the upcoming 2017 Wood Design & Construction Solutions Conference on Tuesday, February 28 and Wednesday, March 1 at the Vancouver Convention Centre – East. The conference is presented by Wood WORKS! BC and the Canadian Wood Council, and is part of Wood Week BC, four events happening over 10 days on the latest trends and topics on wood design and construction with a range of educational and networking opportunities.
    Building and design professionals from BC and across the continent will converge in Vancouver for what is expected to be the largest conference on wood design and construction in North America. Current trends and important new topics will be highlighted over two days, including mass timber and hybrid system design, transformative building technologies, recent innovations, off-site prefabrication, sustainability and fire and acoustic performance.
    Distinguished speakers will be coming from across Canada, the U.S. and from around the world, including Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K. Among the speakers are Hubert Rhomberg, CEO, Rhomberg Holding, Austria, whose firm has received accolades throughout the building and design world for its timber hybrid project, LifeCyleTower (LCT ONE) – eight storeys in height, and assembled in eight days; and Boris Iskra, National Manager, Codes and Standards, Forest and Wood Products Australia, Melbourne, Australia who will discuss the significant benefits of mid-rise timber buildings, which can now be built up to eight storeys in height under the revised building code in Australia.

    "Climate-friendly and technologically advanced wood products and systems are recognized as significant game-changers in our future built environment. It is wood that’s playing a leading role in ground-breaking and distinctive structures in BC and beyond," explained Lynn Embury-Williams, Executive Director, Wood WORKS! BC. "Wood WORKS! BC is pleased to support BC’s building and design community with renewed learning and collaboration opportunities at the Wood Design & Construction Solutions Conference."

    For full program and registration information please click on the READ MORE link below.

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  • Additional Designers to Join Team of Industry Experts at Vectorworks, Inc.

    Three employees bring added expertise from the architecture, entertainment and landscape design industries

    Columbia, Md. (February 2, 2017)—The crux of global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc.'s philosophy has always involved leveraging input and implementing product feedback from practicing architects, landscape designers, landscape architects and lighting designers, among other design professionals. To further this commitment, three new industry experts will be joining Vectorworks’ ever-growing product marketing team: Luc Lefebvre, senior architect product specialist, Jim Woodward, senior entertainment product specialist and Brian Nicholson, senior landscape product specialist.

    Led by Jeremy Powell, senior marketing director at Vectorworks, the broad team of industry experts acts as advocates for customers and the industry relating to the marketing and development of products. They provide one-on-one demonstrations of product capabilities, participate in professional association committees and visit firms in the field as a means to generate current insights for industry-specific tool development, as well as act as fountains of industry knowledge for other internal teams.

    Regarding the new additions, Powell said, “We are elated to welcome Luc, Jim and Brian to the Vectorworks family. With their diverse backgrounds and histories of excellence and service to the advancement of design within the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries, I'm sure they’ll make an immediate impact as champions of our software. And, as recently practicing designers, they’ll bring additional perspective to our team to ensure our products speak to the needs of designers.”

    Delve deeper into these new industry experts’ skills, backgrounds and career plans.

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  • Advanced Architectural Stone: GFRC Connections Simplifies Installation, Opens up Design Options

    GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) can help realize wide range of concrete design possibilities not easy to achieve with traditional concrete.

    Advanced Architectural Stone (February 02, 2017)—Concrete has enabled architectural design for buildings for hundreds of years. GFRC products have pre-engineered, built in connections that simplifies the onsite installation. The reasons are:

    •Unique potential to mold the stone pieces or cladding layers in highly intricate shapes and design details
    •GFRC is hollow from inside leading to much lighter weight
    •With unique materials technology of today’s age coupled with pre-designed, pre-engineered connections and structural support it is still much stronger compared to other decorative concrete elements
    •The look and feel of GFRC can match other cast stone products, terracotta, or even natural lime stone.

    To learn more about GFRC design possibilities and ease of installation, and to see video of an installation at the SMU Delta Gamma Sorority House project, please click on the Read More button to visit the Advanced Architectural Stone website.

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  • TRUEGRID: How Building Club Nomadic in 60 Days Can Still Be Sustainable

    Houston company brings innovative solutions to 62,5000-square- foot, three-story nightclub’s impact on environment in Sawyer Yards Arts District

    Houston, TX - Jan. 6, 2017 . . . TRUEGRID, a trending Houston-based company that manufactures eco-friendly permeable pavement, is providing sustainable support toClub Nomadic, the ultimate entertainment experience traveling to marquee events and destinations across the U.S. The 62,500 square foot Club Nomadic will make its Houston debut by turning the city’s Sawyer Yards Arts District into the epicenter of entertainment featuring world-class performances leading up to next month’s big game while remaining eco-friendly.

    TRUEGRID installed a 58,000 square foot, 250-space parking lot in 10 days for the massive three-story venue being built in 60 days. With the addition of permeable pavement, Club Nomadic’s site avoided emission of 353 tons of carbon dioxide, recycled 77,300 pounds of post-consumer plastic and can currently detain roughly 350,000 gallons of water in case of flooding. That’s the equivalent of planting 74,000 trees and recycling almost 600,000 milk jugs. Due to its detention capacity, the development plan saved costs since a detention pond was no longer required while staying sustainable.

    "TRUEGRID saves clients like Club Nomadic in terms of both time and land costs," said Barry Stiles, developer, founder and CEO of the local manufacturer. "It’s a maintenance-free alternative to concrete and asphalt and other impervious surfaces. My love of Legos® inspired my creating the grid, a permeable building block that’s environmentally-friendly and also easy and accessible for everyone to use."

    Club Nomadic will serve as the epicenter for world-class entertainment leading up to the big game with a three-night concert series beginning Thursday, Feb. 2 and through Saturday, Feb. 4. The structure has been under construction since November utilizing the services of many local Houston businesses.

    TRUEGRID Pavers offer a sustainable alternative to traditional pavement in the form of interlocking plastic grids made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The grids are filled
    with gravel that allows water to filter into a crushed rock detention base under the parking surface, cleansing the water for hydrocarbons and other pollutants naturally before it returns to local aquifers.

    Due to its low-impact development perks, the company has found success in the national market. Companies such as Whole Foods Markets, Google and NASCAR have utilized the grid on their sites for projects such as parking lots, distribution centers and fire lanes. The grid also has aided the U.S. National Park and Forest Services for handicap walkways. Up and coming green communities have utilized the product for roadways, driveways and ground stabilization.

    "We are a purpose-driven company," Stiles said. "Our system is super eco-friendly from manufacture to end use and it makes a true impact on every project."

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