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  • Los Angeles Wood-Frame Apartment Complex Burns in Massive Fire 3 people, including a firefighter, were injured in blaze that displaced 300 residents

    December 12, 2019

    Silver Spring, MD – Yesterday afternoon, more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene of a massive inferno at a wood-framed apartment complex in Pico Rivera near Los Angeles. Three people, including a firefighter, were injured in the blaze that affected 141 units, displacing 300 residents. Hundreds of people are now homeless and will rely on the city for support.

    Firefighters arrived two minutes after the 3-alarm fire was reported shortly after 3:30 p.m. But by 4 p.m., firefighters were forced to move off the structure and change strategy after the building suffered “structural collapse,” according to county fire Chief Daryl Osby. The Fire Department went on to add that by 5 p.m., firefighters exited the building and were in defensive mode, as the fire had jumped to several nearby buildings, creating more damage.

    The blaze near Los Angeles comes at a time when a number of wood-frame, multi-family residential structures have been the site of intense fires, fueled by the combustible materials in the buildings in question – most notably in Princeton, NJ; East Boston, MA; Lakewood, NJ; Weymouth, MA; Haverhill, MA; Waltham, MA; Charlotte, NC; Warner Robins, GA; Midvale, UT; Oakland, CA; Dorchester, MA; Lawrence, MA; East Hollywood, CA; Lowell, MA; Waterbury, CT, Emeryville, CA; St. Petersburg, FL; Arlington, VA; College Park, MD; Overland Park, KS; Raleigh, NC; and Maplewood, NJ. There have been dozens over the last few years.

    In order to address the vulnerabilities that exist in combustible structures, Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association consisting of community organizations, fire service professionals, architects, engineers and industry experts, has stepped up efforts to mitigate the dangers of fire for communities across the country. In reviewing current building and fire safety codes, the coalition is working to identify areas in need of improvement, particularly in updating building codes by including the use of non-combustible materials to minimize the risk of fires.

    “Local lawmakers need to address the risks associated with building with combustible materials before more people get hurt,” said Kevin Lawlor, spokesperson for Build with Strength. “No family should lose their home or worse in a fire, especially when the means to prevent such tragedies are reasonable. Requiring strong, resilient materials in mid-rise housing should be a no-brainer.”

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  • Marley Debuts Next Generation of Hidden Comfort, THX Series In-Floor Convection Heater

    December 12, 2019

    Bennettsville, S.C. – Marley Engineered Products, a leader in high-performance, reliable heating and ventilation equipment, introduces the out-of-sight, out-of-mind UL listed In-Floor Perimeter Convector – THX Series heater, which delivers comfort, aesthetics and safety for the ultimate supplemental heat system for both new and existing buildings.

    Offered by QMark and Berko brands, the THX Series directly addresses the building's need for supplemental heat against the curtain walls and glazing, while fully integrating with the architects' designed interior spaces. The unit drops directly into the floor, leaving only the grille visible, for unobstructed sightlines and more design space with which to work.

    While THX can be installed in a small area for minimal disruption, it also features the highest output/cu.ft. of any pure convection, in-floor electric heater on the market today (as of Jan. 20). With a comparable range of outputs as Marley's above-ground convectors, THX comes with the added benefits of being virtually hidden.

    “The Marley THX Series provides supplemental heat that's out-of-sight and out-of-mind due to its zero vertical profile,” said Andrew Martin, Product Manager for Marley Engineered Products. “In-ground heating takes up less space, and THX units are the most compact in-ground comfort solution in their class (Electric, In-Floor Natural Convection Heaters), while still providing maximum heating performance.”

    Keeping interior aesthetics intact, THX also helps open rooms up to natural light and outdoor scenery as it keeps windowed surfaces free from fog and moisture. The units ward off condensation by warming the interior side of curtain walls and floor-to-ceiling glazing.

    The benefits of the THX Series go beyond clarity. THX units create an effective draft barrier that protects a building's curtain walls, preventing the primary HVAC system from becoming overtaxed, and avoiding inefficiency and higher utility costs. The convection draft barrier improves overall HVAC performance with no fumes or exhaust for an environmentally-friendly heat solution.

    THX units have been designed with durability in mind and include features focused on water and debris management - UL approved, sealed junction boxes and debris catch screens to name a few. “These product innovations, and more, are incorporated for THX to withstand busy foot traffic, cleaning, water and debris,” says Martin. “Whether units are installed in the floor, on the wall or on the ceiling, there should be an inherent piece of mind knowing you have chosen a quality, durable product, and the THX is no different.”

    THX saves time, effort and money with modularized units that can be configured by one service professional for easy field connection, control and installation. Additionally, each and every unit is factory wired and preassembled for out-of-the-box readiness, drop-in installation, and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

    The frame, leveling legs and grille options are standard for all THX units, allowing for the choice of mount that best fits the install site. Options include flush or surface grilles, and three UL listed mounting styles, making it a highly versatile installation.

    “The Marley THX Series is the ultimate in-floor convector for nearly any space where maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal is desired,” added Martin. “THX provides safe and comfortable heat to occupants, and is efficient and economical for building professionals and owners.”

    The Marley In-Floor Convector – THX Series is available in multiple volt, wattage, and control configurations, with modular lengths beginning at 2ft.

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  • Lawrence, Kansas, Latest Community Burned by Inferior Wood Construction Materials Late night hotel fire has occupants scrambling while putting first responders at risk.

    December 10, 2019

    Silver Spring, MD – Firefighters in Lawrence, Kansas, have been battling a wood-framed hotel fire since Monday afternoon. The fire at an America's Best Value Inn at the intersection of Sixth and Iowa has forced evacuations, caused injuries, required a multi-department response, threatened nearby buildings and required firefighters to work around the clock in frigid temperatures that have led to equipment failures.

    “It doesn't take much to burn a wooden structure to the ground even when its surrounded by ice and snow,” said Kevin Lawlor, a spokesperson for Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association comprised of fire service professionals, engineers, architects, industry experts and community organizations. “Combustible materials put occupants of multi-unit structures, staff and first responders at risk in every community, every environment and in every season.”

    Despite the over reliance on combustible materials such as the ones that failed in this particular disaster, a number of hotels in recent years have been constructed with an innovative concrete construction product – Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). ICFs “are a type of permanent concrete formwork that creates the external wall envelope of a building.” Typically, it is standard reinforced concrete sandwiched between two faces of low absorptive, foam plastic insulating material. According to ICF Magazine, “dozens and dozens of hotels have been built with ICFs in the past 10 years, using virtually every major brand of form. These include the flagship properties of the nation's leading hospitality companies, including Marriott, Hilton, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Drury Inn, Super 8, and Motel 6.” In fact, Drury Inn, a Missouri based hotel chain, constructs the majority of their properties with ICFs.

    “Non-combustible building materials like concrete are easy to work with and won't break the bank,” continued Lawlor. “At the end of the day, guest safety should be the number one priority, and as it stands, combustible building materials simply are an excessive risk.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc. Wins the Construction Computing Awards’ Editor’s Choice Award

    December 10, 2019

    Additionally, Vectorworks Architect was a runner-up in the Architectural Design Product of the Year category

    Columbia, MD (December 5, 2019)—The Construction Computing Awards results are in and global design and BIM software provider, Vectorworks, Inc. is the winner of the 2019 Editor’s Choice Award selected by Construction Computing Magazine Editor David Chadwick. Additionally, Vectorworks Architect 2020 was a runner-up in the Architectural Design Product of the Year category.

    The fourteenth annual Construction Computing Awards, also known as “The Hammers,” took place on November 14 at The Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden. Over 220 guests gathered to see the outcome of the readers’ online voting and judging panel’s deliberations.

    “Having attended the awards for a number of years, Vectorworks UK was delighted to receive the coveted Editor’s Choice Award,” said Adrian Slatter, Vectorworks UK director of sales. “David was very gracious in his introduction of the award, explaining how the growth of Vectorworks and its transformation in the UK was very impressive. That coupled with the innovations in Vectorworks 2020, particularly the incorporation of enhanced GIS integration, made the decision for him. We are so pleased to see the efforts of our company recognized.”

    With over 25 categories, the awards are structured to showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions for the effective design, construction, maintenance and modification of commercial buildings, residential and social housing and civil engineering projects of all sizes.

    “Moving from one design solution to another is a major step for any company in difficult times with Brexit, environmental concerns and other issues to deal with; Vectorworks is to credit for having the capability to move from one design solution to another,” said Chadwick. “The recent steps they have taken, such as becoming more directly involved in the UK market to support their users, releasing enhanced versions of their software which major heavily in information management and now adding GIS integration to its comprehensive range of design solutions, has resulted in a significant increase in their market share. There were a dozen contestants in individual applications, hardware and other recent additions to the market, but Vectorworks was an obvious choice this year.”

    Winners will appear in the November/December '19 issue of CAD User and Construction Computing magazine. The full list of winners and runners-up can be viewed below.

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  • Build With Strength Welcomes The Soldiers Project to the Coalition Champion of Veterans' Support Joins Effort to Educate on Stronger Building Methods

    December 06, 2019

    Los Angeles, CA – Build With Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association consisting of civic organizations, fire service professionals, architects, engineers and industry experts committed to enacting safer and more sustainable building standards, is pleased to welcome The Soldiers Project as the newest member of the coalition. The California nonprofit, which provides psychological services for military service members and educates the public about the subject, joins a growing alliance in Los Angeles working to improve building and fire safety standards and push for safe housing in the community.

    “America's bravest men and women risked their lives to protect all of us, and many return home carrying the psychological burden of war,” said Michael McDowell, Executive Director of The Soldiers Project. “At the simplest level, our veterans deserve safe and strong housing upon their return. The Soldiers Project is proud to partner with Build with Strength to fight for resilient and affordable housing for veterans everywhere.”

    Amid a national wave of devastating residential fires, including several in California, Build With Strength is working to ensure the safety of new buildings, especially those housing vulnerable communities. The coalition fights for stronger building codes that support the use of non-combustible materials to minimize the risk of fire.

    “Our partnership with The Soldiers Project is a testament to the support every veteran in America deserves. Many of our brave heroes return home needing safe and affordable housing, and by advocating for stronger building codes, we are fighting for our veterans and their ability to recover in a safe, reliable home,” said Kevin Lawlor, a spokesperson for Build With Strength. “Nationwide, we have seen a weakening of building codes, and Build with Strength is committed to advocating for the safety of neighborhoods our veterans call home.”

    Build With Strength works with communities, lawmakers, and industry employees to advocate for safer, sustainable building materials. Strengthening local and national building codes is among the organization’s top priorities.

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  • CENTRIA® Concept Series Panels Create Distinct Urban Aura at the Archer Hotel, Napa

    December 06, 2019

    Strong lines, mixed materials, and an agrarian concept define the hotel

    Moon Township, PA - The Archer Hotel is a boutique establishment located in Napa, CA. Situated at a bustling and lively downtown intersection, the hotel covers 136,000 square feet with 183 guest rooms. It features a 15,000 square-foot deck with an outdoor bar and dining options, a spa, and private outdoor patios.

    “The Archer Hotel embodies the essence of Napa – its vineyards,” says Roger Brown, Senior Vice President and Director of Design, LK Architecture, the firm responsible for the design. “The strong vertical and horizontal lines represent the posts supporting the vines and the breaks and furrows of the vineyards. This rhythm, repetition and geometry relates back to the place itself.”

    The clean lines and contemporary look of CENTRIA Concept Series panels bring a sense of urban modernity to the building’s main tower, achieving the goal of blending the old world with the new.

    Approximately 16,000 square feet of Concept Series in Silversmith with a smooth finish and Sundance Mica coating were used, enabling the building to stand out as a destination in the popular tourist area.

    “CENTRIA panels cover the building's corner tower and were selected to give it a distinctly urban feel,” says Brown. “We used different tones of grey to add variation and a subtle shimmer.”

    Concept Series single-skin rainscreen panels feature concealed fasteners and a common-lock joint that allows the panels to be integrated with each other. The panels are primed for easy installation, with stand-off clips that provide a ventilation cavity and drain plane behind the panel. These panel clips also allow for thermal and seismic movements.

    “The panels are a quality product and are easy to work with,” says Brown. “We also appreciated the fact that CENTRIA was able to achieve the shades of grey we desired.”

    The Archer Hotel was completed in August 2017. LK Architecture provided design services, the general contractor was SD Deacon, and the CENTRIA dealer was Blackwood Associates. The panels were installed by TriCore Panels, Inc.

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  • Excel Dryer again sets a new standard: XLERATOR hand dryer models now offered with 50% longer life and industry-leading 7-year warranty

    December 06, 2019

    Improved product; same great price

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. – To Excel Dryer, leading is nothing new. After all, their signature product, the XLERATOR® Hand Dryer, created the high-speed, energy-efficient product category, and set a new standard for performance, reliability and customer satisfaction. Excel Dryer has again set a new industry standard, this time, by offering an improved product with 50% longer life and an industry-leading 7-year warranty, without increasing the list price.

    Effective December 1, 2019, all XLERATOR® and XLERATOReco® Hand Dryers are warrantied for seven years; this covers all parts, and most importantly, the motor. Many other hand dryers on the market offer a lesser, more restrictive warranty, typically 1–5 years. William Gagnon, vice president of marketing and sales at Excel Dryer recommends buyers thoroughly review the warranty of any dryer they are considering purchasing.

    He cautions, “Though some manufacturers offer longer warranties, a review of the fine print shows that motors are typically only covered for three years and sensors are only covered for one. Both of these parts are crucial to hand dryer functionality and are covered for a full seven years by Excel Dryer.”

    Recently, other well-known hand dryer manufacturers increased the list price of their products, without making any substantive improvements to product or warranties. Excel Dryer's price list, on the other hand, is remaining the same despite the manufacturer's notable product improvement and extended warranty.

    With XLERATOR's extended product life and unrivaled warranty, the best just got better. “We pride ourselves on manufacturing a dependable product our customers can rely on,” expressed Gagnon. “We are always looking for ways to improve our products and deliver more value to our customers. And with our latest product improvement, we've done just that.”

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  • Cost Study Reveals Financial Risks of Wood-Framed Construction

    December 03, 2019

    Safety Concerns, Revenue Losses Cited in Case-Based Analysis

    Silver Spring, Maryland—A study released by Urvashi Kaul, Consultant and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, seeks to address the issue of wood-framed residential fires, particularly multifamily wood-framed structures. The study, which examines two recent California apartment fires, focuses primarily on the economic impact wood-framed building fires have on communities and local governments.

    The two fires cited in the study represent a range of financial loss and were selected to reflect the various costs to society of wood-framed residential fires. The first, a 2011, three-alarm fire at the Renaissance City Center in Carson, destroyed five buildings, damaged six more, and displaced senior citizens in adjacent buildings. The Carson fire was considered a total loss.

    The second fire, a 2014 blaze at the 1.3 million square foot Da Vinci apartment complex in Los Angeles, required 250 firefighters to extinguish and shut down the northbound 101 for several hours. At least four surrounding buildings were damaged by the fire, including some owned or leased by the City Government.

    “Los Angeles could lose $22.6 billion in wood-framed residential fire losses over the next fifteen years,” Professor Kaul estimates. While property damage accounts for roughly $20.5 billion of this figure, potential city expenditures could amount to $132.5 million, with $70.1 million going to police, fire, and sanitation departments, and another $62.4 million of indirect costs, such as remediation, insurance, and planning.

    “If we view construction projects as community investments then we should prioritize safety and longevity in the selection of materials,” says David Kersh, Executive Director of the Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee. David Kersh is a member of Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association consisting of community organizations, fire safety professionals, engineers, architects and industry experts committed to strengthening the nation's building codes and ensuring greater access to secure housing.

    “Housing is the cornerstone of any community,” says Mr. Kersh. “Our personal and professional lives are built around where we choose to live. Strong and resilient housing will always foster strong and resilient communities.”

    According to Kersh, Los Angeles and much of California has been recently experiencing unprecedented growth in residential, multi-unit construction. “The timeliness of this issue could not be more striking,” Kersh says. “We are building the future now, and we have to make sure we get it right. There's no room for error.”

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  • McElroy Metal incorporates solar panels with roof recover on a third manufacturing plant

    December 03, 2019

    Bossier City, La. — You can never have too much of a good thing, so McElroy Metal incorporated solar panels with the roof recover of a third manufacturing plant.

    After completing successful solar panel installations with roof recovers at plants in Peachtree City, Ga., and Adelanto, Calif., McElroy Metal recently completed a third solar conversion with its plant in Clinton, Ill.

    Inovateus Solar installed 1,116 Hanwha Q-Plus L-G42 350W panels on the facility in Clinton. The system is rated at 390.6 kW DC, has five inverters and is designed for an annual output of 829,289 kWh.

    “We're very excited about the addition of solar panels to a third manufacturing facility in conjunction with the roof recover,” says Ken Gieseke, Vice President – Marketing at McElroy Metal. “Once we did the math, calculated the return on the investment, it simply made sense to install the solar panels. McElroy Metal remains dedicated to being an advocate for solar energy.”

    The original R-panel metal roofing on the plant, constructed in the 1970s, was recovered by McElroy Metal's 238T symmetrical standing seam roofing. Solar panels were attached to the new roofing using S-5! clamps.

    “McElroy Metal has been a respected and premier metal roof and component manufacturer for three generations,” says Rob Haddock, founder and CEO of S-5!. “Just like S-5!, they got there by setting the highest standards of quality and integrity for themselves and for their vendors. As both companies are leaders in the metal construction industry, we have had the privilege of working alongside McElroy in many venues, industry trade groups and supply relationships now spanning almost 40 years. Not only are they a valued S-5! customer and distribution partner, but close friends, industry advocates, allies and activists. Two premier brands, McElroy and S-5!, have both raised the bar in making metal roofs better, and together again, with the addition of solar power on their third S-5! solarized project. I am sure we both look forward to the next one.”

    A variety of S-5! products were used in attaching the solar panels to the standing seam roofing, including 1,800 S-5-T clamps, specifically designed to fit profiles with a “T” shaped seam configuration, and 850 RibBracket II clamps, which are made for attaching to trapezoidal roof profiles.

    In addition, 2,050 MidGrab clamps and 410 EdgeGrab clamps from the S-5! PVKIT 2.0 were also used. The PVKIT 2.0 is comprised of pre-assembled components to save time and money that require the use of only one tool for installation. All parts are made of non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel and install with the module to reduce layout time.

    McElroy's 238T symmetrical standing seam system does not have male and female seams, but is comprised of panels with matching left and right seams. The panels are joined with a mechanically seamed cap. The panels are non-directional and can be installed left to right, right to left or even center to right or left. In addition to installation benefits, symmetrical panels offer easy individual panel removal and replacement for easy plenum access. Panels can even be re-installed, requiring only the purchase and installation of a new cap.

    The 238T metal roofing panels were roll formed on site, run directly on to the roof and installed by Prairieland Roofing of Arthur, Ill.

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  • Built with Combustible Materials: Preventable Fire at University of Arizona, Tucson Causes $1M in Damage

    November 29, 2019

    Dozens evacuated from nearby homes, officials say no injuries reported

    Silver Spring, MD—A two-alarm fire swept through a student housing construction site at the University of Arizona early on Tuesday morning, causing an estimated $1 million in damage and halting construction for the unforeseeable future. The construction site, located at East Broadway and North Tyndall Avenue, featured multiple stories and wood framing. It was intended as housing for future University of Arizona students. Though the project was originally slated for completion by autumn of 2019, no timetable for a return to construction has been offered.

    The Tucson fire represents a growing trend of wood-framed, multi-story fires across the country.

    “This fire is one of so many burning communities throughout the nation” said Kevin Lawlor, spokesperson for Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association consisting of community organizations, fire safety professionals, engineers, architects and industry experts committed to strengthening the nation's building codes and ensuring greater access to secure housing. “Today it was student housing in Arizona, but whatever type of housing you call home, if it's combustible construction you are never safe from this type of destruction. We've seen assisted living centers, residential apartment complexes in areas of high density population, places of work, play and prayer all burn down because of an inferior construction material.”

    Witnesses reported seeing smoke in the area shortly after 2AM on Tuesday morning, and Tucson firefighters responded quickly thereafter. A second alarm was called by first responders, as the blaze quickly grew unmanageable. Flames were reportedly visible from as far as Valencia road and Alvernon Way. 60 firefighters and 17 units were ultimately required to extinguish the fire.

    “Even when people escape without injury or death, the cost to the community is still high,” said Lawlor. “Locals are displaced, businesses are shut down, roads are closed and first responders are put to the test.”

    Captain Hector Carpio of the Tucson Fire Department reported that the intense heat from the fire melted windows, metal paneling, and palm trees at the neighboring apartment complex, and also destroyed coolers on its roof. At least 15 vehicles were damaged, and an on-site construction crane was partly melted.

    Build With Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), has launched a campaign to educate citizens, local and state officials, and industry experts about the inherent dangers of wood-framed construction, particularly in multi-story, residential and commercial buildings. As a grassroots organization, they work with local elected officials and industry workers, from architects to project managers to advocate for the safety benefits of working with concrete-based construction.

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  • Shipping containers recycled for use as self-storage units, covered by colorful insulated metal panels

    November 21, 2019

    LEWISVILLE, Texas – GreenSpace Holdings LLC is focused on constructing “cost-reducing self-storage solutions with an emphasis on environmental conservatism.” The company's most recent project is a 181,000 square-foot facility in Houston and it will be a part of the CubeSmart franchise.

    TMS Contractors LLC of Houston handled the design and construction of the project, incorporating reclaimed shipping containers encased in an attractive exterior – insulated metal panels from Metl-Span.

    David Cannaliato, vice president at TMS, says the palette of colors offered by Metl-Span's insulated metal panel products helped his design team achieve the look it sought.

    “The bright reds and whites are in line with the CubeSmart brand,” Cannaliato says. “It's kind of a scattered checkerboard look, very attractive and distinct.”

    All of the insulated metal panels featured a 3-inch urethane core to help with climate control, especially during the hot Texas summers. All panels were 32 inches long, installed horizontally. The 26-gauge interior panels are the Light Mesa finish, all in Igloo White, while the 22-gauge exterior panel is architectural flat in a variety of colors: Polar White (37 panels), Bright Red LG (43 panels) and Regal Gray (72 panels). These CubeSmart “brand” colors were used in highly visible areas. In less-visible spots, Zinc Gray (72 panels) with a 26-gauge exterior panel was the color of panels installed in the interest of cost-effectiveness.

    GreenSpace estimates using shipping containers in the construction of self-storage units results in a cost savings of $20 to $30 per gross square foot in multi-story self-storage facilities, while shortening construction schedules.

    “Conventional self-storage construction normally takes 12 or 13 months,” Cannaliato says. “Using reclaimed shipping containers can potentially reduce construction time by several months.”

    TMS erected framing to the exterior of the shipping containers to attach the insulated metal panels. Cannaliato says TMS designers worked closely with Metl-Span engineers to make sure the framing would allow for the installation of the insulated metal panels according to Metl-Span's recommended details. “They were very helpful in this collaborative effort,” he says. “It all went up just the way it was supposed to.”

    The end result is an attractive and efficient facility. The only way the shipping containers are visible is when a rolling door is opened. Even walking through the offices or hallways, the shipping containers cannot be detected.

    The facility, with approximately 1,400 self-storage units, opened in November 2018.

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  • Two More New Jersey Counties Unanimously Adopt Fire Safety Resolutions in Support of Stronger Building Codes

    November 21, 2019

    The Counties of Camden and Middlesex Join Essex and Mercer Counties and Wall Township in Calling for Timely Passage of Statewide Legislation

    Silver Spring, MD – On Thursday evening, councilmembers of the Camden County and Middlesex County Boards of Freeholders voted unanimously to adopt a resolution in support of New Jersey Assembly Bill 135, statewide legislation that would amend New Jersey's construction code for fire safety reasons, and provide an added level of protection for firefighters and residents alike.

    “All across New Jersey, local governments are calling on the state to institute commonsense safety measures that will save lives and property,” said Kevin Lawlor, spokesperson for Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association consisting of community organizations, fire safety professionals, architects, engineers and industry experts committed to strengthening the nation's building codes. “Stronger building codes mean stronger communities, and as such, the state should heed the judgement of the local governing bodies.”

    The votes in Camden and Middlesex Counties come just one week after members of the Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders voted unanimously to adopt a resolution in support of the legislation – to which the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders and Wall Township have endorsed, as well.

    The legislation calls for the installation of an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 13, measuring the number of stories from the grade plane, using noncombustible materials for construction, and installing a fire barrier with a fire resistance rating of at least two hours that extends from the foundation to the roof.

    “The decision by Camden and Middlesex Counties to join Essex and Mercer Counties as well as Wall Township is a step toward building a more secure New Jersey,” said Rich Silvia, president of the New Jersey State Fire Prevention and Protection Association (NJSFPPA). “We're hopeful that state lawmakers will concur with their local counterparts, and demand stricter building standards that better contain and help stop the spread of devastating fires. Protecting the wellbeing of residents and their property, as well the fire fighters that serve them should be of the utmost priority.”

    In late December, firefighters responded to a fire at a wood-framed apartment complex in Princeton, New Jersey, that resulted in the death of a 73-year-old resident and the displacement of 35 others. The incident came after a pair of massive fires in the state in buildings constructed with combustible materials over the past couple years – namely in Maplewood and Edgewater. There have been dozens of fires of a similar nature throughout the country over the last several few years.

    A September 2016 poll of 400 registered voters in New Jersey found respondents very supportive of the state making changes to building codes following the devastating Edgewater apartment complex fire in January 2015.

    Local New Jersey coalition members of Build with Strength include: The New Jersey State Firefighters' Mutual Benevolent Association, The Professional Association of Fire Fighters in New Jersey, the New Jersey State Association of County Fire Marshals, the Brigantine Beach Fire Company; the Bricklayers and Allied Crafts – New Jersey, and the Fire Departments of Burlington County and West Orange.

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  • Los Angeles Civil Rights Association Back L.A. Fire Safety Ordinance

    November 20, 2019

    L.A. civil rights leader voices support for efforts to bolster safety standards across Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, CA —The Los Angeles Civil Rights Association endorsed Council members Bob Blumenfield and Monica Rodriguez's new ordinance addressing fire safety. The Ordinance titled; “Building a Safer Los Angeles” aims at curbing urban and suburban housing fires in the City. The organization dedicates itself to advocating for the rights and civil liberties of Los Angeles citizens, particularly those in marginalized communities.

    “We need more leaders like Council members Blumenfield and Rodriguez—those are leaders that are tackling the issues impacting LA residents head on,” says Reverend Eddie Jones, President of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association. “The ordinance they introduced is a critical step in curbing our growing wildfire problem and ensuring people are safe in their homes, their offices, and their places of worship.”

    The Los Angeles Civil Rights Association is also a member of Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, which consists of community organizations, fire safety professionals, engineers, architects, and industry experts committed to strengthening the nation's building codes and ensuring greater access to secure housing.

    The ordinance would expand Fire District 1 and eliminate the use of combustible materials in new construction. The motion notes “it is time to revisit this tool and expand its reach to ensure that it captures the changing and growing regional centers and neighborhoods within the City of Los Angeles.”

    The ordinance is in direct response to the surge in housing fires in Los Angeles. The trend was highlighted in a recent study by Urvashi Kaul, Consultant and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. According to the study, L.A. could lose upwards of $22.6 billion to residential fires in the next fifteen years if building codes aren't addressed.

    Reverend Jones, a staple in the Los Angeles community, underscores the importance of immediate action. “We cannot afford to wait any longer. The people of L.A. can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their safety is being made a priority.”

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  • Wilsonart Launches Color Me Intrigued from the Virtual Design Library

    November 19, 2019

    New Unique Patterns Represent Colorful Design Personalities

    TEMPLE, TX – Inspired by the broad spectrum of colors created when white light diverges through a prism, Wilsonart's latest Virtual Design Library (VDL) release, Color Me Intrigued, celebrates life's subtle and wide-ranging differences. The Collection's colorful personalities contribute to a beautiful tapestry that is both diverse yet unified.

    “Just as colorful expressions such as 'tickled pink' or 'green with envy' describe our dispositions, Color Me Intrigued piques our curiosity and provokes an emotional response with bold-minded patterns and colors that run the range of warm, cool, bright and subdued,” noted Natalia Smith, Design Manager at Wilsonart.

    The Collection's saturated hues set a definitive mood, while delicately faceted geometric shapes and fresh woodgrains poetically unify into an eclectic genre. Color Me Intrigued offers diverse and versatile patterns that may read serious and sophisticated, funky and playful, or simply chic depending on the prevailing style of furnishings and accessories.

    New introductions Fruit Punch, Waterspout, Blue Yonder, Grape Jelly, Green Tourmaline and Iolite, join existing patterns Quince, Kale Leaf, Blue Curacao and Radiant Brass as bold, exotic hues that derive depth from the graphic Crossweave pattern. Emerald Jewel, Amethyst Jewel and Sapphire Jewel offer mysteriously faceted smoky tones with geometric complexity. Washington Slab, Seasoned Maple and Sunken Oak join existing pattern Cocoa Marquetry, to add sophistication and variety to Wilsonart's expansive collection of woodgrains.

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  • Industry Changing Products Released at IPSE 2019

    November 14, 2019

    The International Pool and Spa Expo is a great venue for launching new products, meeting with existing customers and prospective customers. At this year's show we introduced a wide range of new products, including some industry firsts.

    New for 2020 are several new controls, new sauna rooms, a new larger size combination InfraSauna room new accessories.

    The most exciting new product/new technology released at IPSE is the SaunaLogic2, North America's first sauna control with global mobile capability. For the first time ever, a sauna user can turn his/her sauna on from anywhere in the world where cell service or Wi-Fi is available. Sleek design, about the size of an iPhone, the control is feature rich giving sauna users flexibility to control their sauna easily, from anywhere. There will be posted shortly a separate blog on the SaunaLogic2.

    Building on the strong interest from customers on InfraSauna combination rooms, an exclusive Finnleo product. Due to overwhelmingly positive response to the IS44 2-person InfraSauna, combination room, we introduced a new, larger size 5-person model, the IS565. The IS rooms are exclusive to Finnleo and are matched with the newly released SaunaLogic2 and provides the “best of both worlds” of Infrared and Traditional Sauna. There has been immediate demand for the new IS565, with the unit being sold out through year-end, with new orders to be filled in January.

    In celebration of the 100th anniversary of our parent company, TyloHelo World Group, a luxurious new Designer Series Sauna, the Centurion, was released at IPSE. The Centurion combines rich and historic Finnish sauna design elements with new heater and control technology. Finnleo's exclusive black Taika sauna paneling on the walls, combined with nicely contrasting light colored clear vertical grain Canadian Hemlock benches and backrests and integral backrest lighting, the sauna provides a highly relaxing environment. A wall-to-wall middle platform bench wraps around a Himalaya rock-tower heater and is matched with Finnleo's new Elite touchscreen control.

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  • Solar Innovations® Brightens the Path To Natural Light With Lumira® Aerogel Integration

    November 14, 2019

    PINE GROVE, PA – Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems has taken the guess work out of natural lighting by integrating polycarbonate panels with Lumira Aerogel technology. Though the aerogel matter inside the panel appears as solid crystals, the material is actually an extremely light dry silicone compound that provides extreme insulating, acoustical, and light diffusing capabilities. These filled polycarbonate panels can be integrated into nearly every product Solar Innovations has to offer, including windows, doors, curtain walls, skylights, sunrooms, pool enclosures, and more.

    The natural lighting benefits of Lumira-integrated products have benefits far beyond their appearance. Workplaces with natural lighting experience up to a 16% increase in productivity, while classrooms that provide substantial natural light help with concentration and can be attributed to as much as a 20% increase in test scores. Additionally, businesses whose daytime lighting comes mostly from skylights often experience a 25-40% increase in sales, while simultaneously lowering energy costs with diffused light and thermal regulation.

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  • Despite Overwhelming Consensus, A Developer is Looking to Build with Combustible Materials in Newark

    November 13, 2019

    Decision to construct tall timber structure comes after Essex County (NJ), which governs City of Newark, endorsed statewide legislation that prohibits such construction

    Silver Spring, MD – On Monday, Lotus Equity Group, a New York developer, announced plans to build a 500,000 square foot building in Newark, New Jersey, to be constructed primarily out of combustible building materials.

    The 11-story mixed-use building will feature 2,000 residential units, and would require a special permit to construct due to New Jersey's existing building codes. Newark's existing building code restricts heavy timber construction to 6-stories.

    The announcement comes just three months after the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, the governing body for the City of Newark, unanimously adopted a resolution supporting statewide legislation that would amend New Jersey's construction code for fire safety reasons, and provide an added level of protection for firefighters and residents alike.

    “Building and fire codes exist for a reason,” said Kevin Lawlor, spokesperson for Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association comprised of fire service professionals, engineers, architects, industry experts and community experts. “Combustible building materials are a safety hazard for residents, firefighters, and properties, and developers need to be conscious of the impact they have on the communities they serve.”

    The resolution adopted in Essex County was mirrored by local lawmakers in Camden County, Mercer County and the Middlesex County Boards of Freeholders, all of which voted unanimously to adopt similar resolutions to strengthen New Jersey's building codes.

    The legislation calls for the installation of an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 13, measuring the number of stories from the grade plane, using noncombustible materials for construction, and installing a fire barrier with a fire resistance rating of at least two hours that extends from the foundation to the roof.

    The push for stronger codes comes after devastating fires in the state in buildings constructed with combustible materials over the past couple years – namely in Princeton, Maplewood and Edgewater. There have been dozens of fires of a similar nature throughout the country over the last several few years.

    A September 2016 poll of 400 registered voters in New Jersey found respondents very supportive of the state making changes to building codes following the devastating Edgewater apartment complex fire in January 2015.

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  • Variety of profiles, colors from McElroy Metal clads medical office building

    November 13, 2019

    Bossier City, La. — By specifying a variety of exposed fastener profiles from McElroy Metal on the Lewiston (Pa.) Community Health Center medical office building project, the design team was able to achieve the desired aesthetic and still construct a facility for the non-profit real estate development company with durability and budget constraints in mind.

    The Lewison facility, established by Keystone Healthcare Development Corporation, is home to two primary tenants: Primary Health Network and Geisinger Lewiston Hospital. Keystone Healthcare Development is a non-profit developer created to provide expertise and capital to support the growth of health centers.

    “After exploring several options for the exterior cladding for this building that did not meet the construction budget, the design team selected the exposed fastener metal panels as a cost-effective solution that still provided a striking appearance,” says David Nitchkey, principal at CORE Architects in Pittsburgh. “The exposed fastener metal panels were selected for their aesthetic appeal, durability, low maintenance and economical value. The challenge was to create a building design that would be a signature statement for the client and provide striking visibility from the highway, through the use of color and materials, while also providing an economical and functional solution. While the building is a simple rectangular box in its overall form, the architecture aesthetic relies on the metal skin to provide scale, texture and visual interest. The three different metal panel profiles were selected to provide relief to the otherwise flat building façades. The four-color scheme creates visual interest and further defines the composition of the elements that create the architectural order of the building façades.”

    Hudson Construction of Hermitage, Pa., installed the metal panels from McElroy Metal, including vertical U-Panels (4,700 square feet) in Patina Green, horizontal Mega-Rib (9,750 square feet) in Copper Penny and Surrey Beige, vertical Multi-Cor (9,000 square feet) in Medium Bronze, flush soffit panels (400 square feet) and flat sheet for fabrication (13,000 square feet). All colors are Fluropon® PVDF coatings from Sherwin-Williams.

    “We've installed these exposed metal fastener panels on several jobs recently and we've had no issues or challenges,” says Keith Brown, project manager/estimator for Hudson Construction. “We're happy with the final product and I think everyone else is as well.”

    Metal makes for the unique look of the Lewiston Community Health Center medical office building.

    “The various metal panel profiles and depths allowed for the exterior skin to be a textured graphic expression, that responds to the direction of the sunlight, creating movement through shade and shadow resulting in dynamic and everchanging building façades,” Nitchkey says.

    Nitchkey has experience working with McElroy Metal products, including three smaller projects and his own residence! “I'm very familiar of the high quality of the materials and with the design of the details,” he says. I once again worked very closely with Jon Farrer, sales manager at Brock Associates, and detailer Jeff Raymond, throughout the process to achieve an overall striking architectural design. We have worked together as a team to complete the designs for five additional projects, all utilizing McElroy Metal exposed fastener panels.”

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  • CENTRIA® Launches TotalClad™ MW Fire-Resistant Insulated Metal Wall Panels in Striated and Heavy Embossed Profiles

    November 07, 2019

    Additional, dynamic profiles expand exterior design possibilities

    Moon Township, PA…CENTRIA®, leading innovator and manufacturer of the world's most advanced building envelope wall and roof panels, integrated components and coating systems, is proud to introduce TotalClad™ MW fire-resistant insulated metal wall panels. Building upon its current offering, Micro Planked, the panels are now available in Striated and Heavy Embossed options.

    TotalClad MW fire-resistant insulated metal wall panels reimagine fire protection by offering a single component metal panel solution for both interior and exterior applications.

    TotalClad MW fire-resistant insulated metal panels feature a non-combustible mineral wool core that provides superior fire performance as well as good thermal characteristics. The mineral wool core is bonded to exterior and interior metal skins and achieves 1-hour, 2-hour, and 3-hour fire ratings with 4”, 6”, 7”, and 8” thick panels, respectively.

    “CENTRIA is dedicated to innovation and enabling design teams to achieve their vision while ensuring a safer, healthier built environment,” says Tom Zombek, Project Manager. “By expanding upon our current exterior profile selection, we are better meeting the needs of our customers and satisfying their aesthetic goals – plus helping protect buildings for all occupants and users.”

    TotalClad MW is ideal for commercial and industrial applications, arenas, and manufacturing facilities — all equally well-suited to interior and exterior applications. It is able to adhere to the most stringent fire performance building codes and provides a vapor barrier thanks to its noncombustible mineral wool core. The panels are also dimensionally stable, water repellent, and will not expand, thereby maintaining structural integrity and aesthetics.

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  • Eaton to participate in Baird Global Industrial Conference November 6, 2019

    November 06, 2019

    October 30, 2019

    DUBLIN, Ireland ... Power management company Eaton (NYSE:ETN) today announced that Rick Fearon, vice chairman and chief financial and planning officer, will participate in the Baird Global Industrial Conference in Chicago, Illinois, on Wednesday, November 6, 2019. Fearon will be making comments at 4 p.m. Central time, discussing the company's business prospects with securities analysts and institutional investors.

    A real-time audio webcast of the presentation will be available at An audio replay will be available following the presentation at the same link.

    Eaton is a power management company with 2018 sales of $21.6 billion. We provide energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. Eaton has approximately 100,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries.

    Cara Klaer, Media Relations, +1 (248) 864-9875
    Yan Jin, Investor Relations, +1 (440) 523-7558

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  • Learn everything there is to know about Infratech and tell your customers they have a chance to win 7 days/6 nights in Paradise*

    November 05, 2019

    Picture you and three friends escaping the cold this winter to enjoy a bit of paradise! Simply take Infratech's video training (Click on the red "Read More" button).

    The Sales Course consists of 6 separate videos. The course has been designed to be easy to complete while reinforcing the principles taught.

    How to take the video training course; Selling, Promoting and Specifying Infratech Heaters
    1. Log in to the course by clicking on the red "Read More" button below
    2. Go to “Sign UP” in the upper right-hand corner of
    3. Enter all fields with asterisks. Click on download the course and begin
    4. Be sure to write down the “Test Password” displayed on your screen half-way through the course.

    *The location can be determined by the winner. The prize will be sourced through AMPRO Vacations offering luxury accommodations at almost 2,000 destinations worldwide.

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  • Niagara Conservation - Visit our booth and you can win

    November 05, 2019

    Niagara Conservation- Meet with us to Win! November 20, 21, 2019Greenbuild 2019Booth #29

    Schedule an appointment in our booth on November 20th or 21st to explore our sustainable products and you will be entered to win a Yeti Cooler. Click on the red "Read More" button for more details.

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  • Wooden DC Apartment Complex for Seniors Up in Flames After Three-Alarm Fire

    November 05, 2019

    Several hospitalized following massive rescue efforts by firefighters and even the United States Marines

    Silver Spring, MD – In Southeast DC, a devastating three-alarm fire ravaged a senior affordable housing complex on Wednesday, leaving residents of the 161 occupied units displaced and at least four injured. The massive plumes of smoke could be seen throughout the district and have lingered long enough to produce school closings due to air quality. This is reportedly the wooden building's third major fire in the past ten years.

    “They had to call in the Marines, that is how bad this has gotten, yet in city councils and state houses throughout the United States those who make money off of the promotion of combustible wooden structures are telling lawmakers that their products are perfectly safe,” said Kevin Lawlor, a spokesperson for Build With Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association comprised of fire safety professionals, engineers, architects, community groups and industry experts committed to strengthening the nation's building codes. “In our nation's capital, where our laws are made, let's hope that images of Marines, first responders, and good Samaritans rushing to save senior citizens from the very structure that was built to protect them is a catalyst for strengthening our building codes to prohibit the use of combustible materials.”

    The entire complex consisted of affordable housing, with many of the seniors disabled and unable to flee on their own. Marines were seen carrying paralyzed residents out of the building, and the fire department released a video showing a firefighter carrying a resident down a ladder leaning against the side of the apartment building. Video from the scene showed people rushing toward the building with wheelchairs to rescue residents inside. Local schools and businesses have closed following the fire.

    Compounding the danger was a brick façade, masking the weak wooden structural make-up of the building. “A passerby, reporter, first responder, or even a tenant wouldn't know that the structure and frame of the building was actually something more akin to firewood than brick until, as it did in this situation, a spark becomes a devasting fire that endangers the lives of an at-risk population, puts people on the street, and diverts the fire, police and medical resources of an entire city toward an entirely preventable event,” continued Lawlor.

    This blaze comes on the heels of a disturbing trend of fires in the Washington, DC area. Just earlier this week, Prince George's County, Maryland saw a devastating three-alarm fire that led to 132 displaced people and $2.2 million worth of damages. On a single day this May, two fires struck Prince George's County and Fairfax County, Virginia, with the latter also striking a senior housing development.

    Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), has launched a campaign to educate citizens, local and state officials, and industry experts about the inherent dangers of wood-framed construction, particularly in multi-story, residential and commercial buildings. As a grassroots organization, they work with local elected officials and industry workers, from architects to project managers to advocate for the safety benefits of working with concrete-based construction.

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  • Fifty-Plus People Displaced After Fast-Moving, 3-Alarm Blaze Torches Wooden Apartment Complex in Burlington County, New Jersey

    October 28, 2019

    Fire in Suburban Philadelphia Comes as New Jersey's State Legislature and Philadelphia's City Council Consider Measures to Strengthen Building Codes

    Silver Spring, MD – On Monday evening, firefighters were called to the scene of what quickly became a 3-alarm fire at a wood-framed apartment complex in Willingboro, New Jersey – a suburb of Philadelphia. More than 50 people were displaced in the blaze that injured one firefighter and one resident, both of who have since been released from the hospital.

    The composition of buildings like the apartment complex that burned on Monday, which was constructed in 2006 and utilized lightweight wood-framing in order to provide affordable housing to Willingboro's lower-income families, is being called into question in both the state of New Jersey and the city of Philadelphia, where lawmakers are currently debating bills that would amend building codes.

    In New Jersey, Assembly Bill 135 and Senate Bill 1261 have been introduced – legislation that calls for the installation of an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 13, measuring the number of stories from the grade plane, using noncombustible materials for construction, and installing a fire barrier with a fire resistance rating of at least two hours that extends from the foundation to the roof.

    This legislation has been endorsed by seven county Freeholder boards, representing nearly 50 percent of the state's population, and is supported by the local New Jersey coalition members of Build with Strength, which include: Bob Carr, the Fire Marshal for Burlington County; The New Jersey State Firefighters' Mutual Benevolent Association; The Professional Association of Fire Fighters in New Jersey; the New Jersey State Association of County Fire Marshals; New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Association; New Jersey State Fire Protection and Prevention Association; Chief “Tiger” Platt of the Brigantine Beach Fire Company; the Bricklayers and Allied Crafts – New Jersey, and the Fire Department of West Orange.

    “The materials that make up a building are a fire safety matter,” said Bob Carr, the Fire Marshal for Burlington County. “Combustible materials like wood, as the name suggests, simply do not have the fire prevention properties of concrete and steel. As a result, firefighters must take extra precautions when combatting fires in properties of that nature.”

    In late December, firefighters responded to a fire at a wood-framed apartment complex in Princeton, New Jersey, that resulted in the death of a 73-year-old resident and the displacement of 35 others. The incident came after a pair of massive fires in the state in buildings constructed with combustible materials over the past couple years – namely in Maplewood and Edgewater. There have been dozens of fires of a similar nature throughout the country over the last several few years.

    A September 2016 poll of 400 registered voters in New Jersey found respondents very supportive of the state making changes to building codes following the devastating Edgewater apartment complex fire in January 2015.

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  • Innovation, desire for unique aesthetic drive design to McElroy Metal

    October 23, 2019

    Mini-Rib panels provide one-of-a-kind look for Texas townhouses

    Bossier City, La.— Everyone likes to feel like they are unique in some way. Dallas area architects and a developer are teaming up to construct modern-looking townhouses for customers interested in cutting-edge aesthetics. The Mini-Rib panel from McElroy Metal is a key component to making it happen.

    Developer Colin Lardner, of the Lardner Group of Dallas, intended to construct something unique in this eastern Dallas neighborhood. “We wanted to do something unique in the neighborhood, something pretty edgy,” Lardner says. “We wanted it to be balanced, to blend in … to be stealth-like, tough, but elegant.

    “We were a little skeptical about using metal, mainly because we weren't used to it for residential applications. Now that it's completed, we love the look.”

    Lardner, who wore a second cap on this job as the project manager with his installing company, Ascend^Co., says most townhouse complexes are made up of six units. He constructed these as five two-story units to provide a little more space for the homeowners. This community is comprised of three attached units and two detached units, each with its own yard and two-car garage. Lardner says the complex takes advantage of the urban lifestyle but still offers adequate sense of privacy and outdoor space.

    Three colors of McElroy Metal's 26-gauge Mini-Rib panels were installed to provide the look everyone was seeking. The three colors were Matte Black, Bright White and Charcoal, all Fluropon PVDF colors from Sherwin Williams. Ascend^Co. also installed 24-gauge Black 12-inch flat seam wall panels.

    “It's right in the middle of an undeveloped neighborhood, so we tried something we've never done before,” he says. “People are intrigued by the look, it's sophisticated. People who have traveled around are drawn to unique, modern homes.”

    Bang Dang, a partner at Far + Dang Architecture in Dallas, has been specifying metal for single-family and multi-family residential projects for more than five years. “People who follow what we do and like our work have a tendency to be a little more cutting edge and open minded to something they may not be used to,” he says. “When you show them drawings, they're really not sure, but when they see it in reality, how clean it is, how it reflects light, they fall in love with it. It's something that has to be experienced.”

    The project was completed in March 2019.

    “Metal offers a cleaner look than other products, like stucco,” Dang says. “At some point, stucco will allow for water infiltration and it stains. Metal goes up easier and is less expensive, so when you build for less, the return is greater. Metal is lighter and places less stress on the structure.

    “The scale of Mini-Rib is smaller and a much more elegant look than wider ribbed panels, which can make you think you're looking at a traditional storage building.”

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  • Vectorworks, Inc. Announces Kristopher Clemson as First Entertainment Winner of Richard Diehl Award

    October 22, 2019

    Scholarships awarded to 30 students for 20 winning projects in 2019 Vectorworks Design Scholarship

    Columbia, MD (October 16, 2019)—Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. continues to support the next generation of designers, naming Kristopher Clemson winner of the 2019 Richard Diehl Award, the grand prize for the Vectorworks Design Scholarship. With over 1,600 submissions, scholarships were awarded to 20 student projects from the architecture, entertainment, landscape and interior design industries. Winners included both individual and group submissions.

    The winning project, “The Octagon,” submitted by Clemson, a recent graduate of Full Sail University and founder of Bifröst Lighting LLC, focuses on lighting design, Vision and MA 3D renderings. Clemson used Vision alongside Vectorworks Spotlight to help with previsualization and implementing MA lighting on a PC.

    “It is an incredible honor to receive this scholarship and to be the first entertainment winner of the Richard Diehl Award,” said Clemson. “As my first time applying to the Vectorworks Design Scholarship, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I struggled with the design process, but the usability, flexibility and overall presentation was achievable with Vectorworks software. I advise anyone looking to apply next year to suffer for your art and to ensure you have a well-balanced life of creativity surrounding yourself with creative mentors and friends.”

    In addition to the Richard Diehl Award winner, we congratulate the regional scholarship winners selected by an international panel of design, academic and media professionals. Submissions were evaluated based on design integrity, originality, the effective use of computer technology and communication of design vision. Here are the winning projects:


    •“Caretaker’s House” by Tom Hudson-Davies, Aarhus School of Architecture (Arkitektskolen Aarhus)

    •“Collage City” by Alex Wong and Ningxin Huang, Columbia University

    •“Cultura Gastronomy Centre” by Jeremy Shigemitsu, British Columbia Institute of Technology

    •“Haus der Begegnung Halberstadt” by Julia Fehling, Technical University of Braunschweig (Technische Universität Braunschweig)

    •“Listotektura” by Marina Georgieva, Birmingham City University

    •“Microcosmes: Sublimation Des Paysages Inconscients” by Pauline Soulenq, Charlotte Batifoulier, Matthieu Faria and Elisabeth Sala, National School of Architecture of Clermont-Ferrand (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand)

    •“PROTOCELL_00” by Monika Kalinowska and Denys Karandiuk, University of Applied Arts Vienna (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien)

    •“Wasserschloss” by Geraldine Recker and Saida Brückner, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich)

    • “Wooden Crown” by Mickael Minghetti and Karol Wojtas, Delft University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Delft)


    •“Indoor Community Park: De Potterij” by Robin van Vemde, Thomas More Mechelen

    •“Pawilon Plansza” by Weronika Kempińska and Marta Kluba, Academy of Fine Arts Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi)

    •“Raum für Abschied” by Claudia Hynek, Darmstadt College (Hochschule Darmstadt)


    •“Amphibian Orinoquia” by Ekaterina Trosman and Christian Cueva, University of Pennsylvania

    •“Dreiklang Landschaft” by Jonathan Sironi and Marie-Luise Tschirner, Technical University Dresden (Technische Universität Dresden)

    •“IMBROS: Marine Experience and Gastro Tourism” by Zeynep Gulsah Aygun, Istanbul Technical University (İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi)

    •“Kalmthout Centraal: Trap de Heide in Gang!” by Brent van den Bossche, University of Antwerp (Universiteit Antwerpen)

    •“Les Toits d’Ardoines” by Zacharie Malan, University of Lorraine (Université de Lorraine)

    •“Rewitalizacja Obszaru Przed Dworcem Nadoddrze We Wrocławiu” by Kinga Sadowska, University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw (Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wrocławiu)


    •“Pyura: The 333 Tour” by Mauro Pujia, Polytechnic University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

    •“We congratulate all winners of this year’s Vectorworks Design Scholarship, and we hope these scholarships play a fundamental role in their education,” said Vectorworks Marketing Programs Director Alice Lowy. “Each year, we receive more submissions and are always impressed with the quality of work the next generation of designers come up with.”

    In addition to the monetary awards, winners received free Vectorworks educational software licenses for their schools and complimentary training for faculty and students.

    Visit the Vectorworks Design Scholarship web gallery to view the winning designs and runner-up projects. Interested students may sign up for notifications regarding future scholarship awards.

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  • Connecticut Crews Battle Fire at Wood-Framed Apartment Complex

    October 21, 2019

    Three residents and one firefighter injured in 2-alarm blaze that caused extensive damage

    Silver Spring, MD – On Thursday afternoon, fire crews were called to the scene of a fire at a three-story, wood-framed apartment complex in Middletown, Connecticut, resulting in the hospitalization of three residents and one firefighter, who was injured when part of the building collapsed. Additionally, ten pets were rescued, and unfortunately, one dog perished in the fire.

    Seventy-five firefighters from all three of Middletown's fire districts responded to the incident, and were forced to deal with freezing and icy conditions. According to The Hartford Courant, “a third-floor unit was a complete loss, and smoke and water caused extensive damage throughout the 24-unit building.”

    The blaze comes at a time of a number of spectacular fires in wood-frame, multi-family residential structures – most notably in Princeton, NJ; East Boston, MA; Lakewood, NJ; Weymouth, MA; Haverhill, MA; Waltham, MA; Charlotte, NC; Warner Robins, GA; Midvale, UT; Oakland, CA; Dorchester, MA; Lawrence, MA; East Hollywood, CA; Lowell, MA; Waterbury, CT, Emeryville, CA; St. Petersburg, FL; Arlington, VA; College Park, MD; Overland Park, KS; Raleigh, NC; and Maplewood, NJ. There have been dozens over the last few years.

    “Sadly, incidents of this sort will continue to occur as long as builders and developers prioritize building cheaply with combustible materials over resilient products like concrete and steel,” said Kevin Lawlor, spokesperson for Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association comprised of community organizations, fire professionals, engineers, architects and industry experts. “No family should be forced to experience the loss of a loved one – even a pet – or their home and possessions over what amounts to a misguided economic decision.”

    A number of cities and small towns have already taken proactive steps to protect themselves from preventative fires in construction of this type, including Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Sandy Springs and Tucker, GA. Last year, the Waltham City Council in Massachusetts voted unanimously to ask the state to update their building codes to prevent this sort of construction, as well, after a string of fires devastated the region.

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  • Metl-Span features top projects in 2020 calendar

    October 15, 2019

    LEWISVILLE, Texas – Metl-Span has compiled its annual list of Projects of the Month and is featuring them in its 2020 calendar.

    The Project of the Year, featured on the cover, is the 54 Middlesex office building renovation in Bedford, Mass. Metl-Span provided approximately 16,000 square feet of 3-inch CF Architectural insulated metal panels in 24-inch and 36-inch widths. The IMPs, with a 22-gauge exterior skin and 26-gauge interior skin, were installed over an existing split-face masonry wall with a custom clip, to metal studs. Half of the panels were Regal Gray and half were Polar White. IMPs provided a fresh look to a dated office building which is now a source of pride for the employees and surrounding area.

    “Architects and installers continue to use Metl-Span insulated metal panels to construct what turn out to be their signature projects, which rejuvenate communities,” says Amanda Storer, Director Brand Marketing at Metl-Span. “Insulated metal panels are becoming more and more popular in a variety of construction markets, from schools to offices to recreational facilities. Durability, aesthetic variety and performance are a few of the reasons IMP usage is growing.”

    Other winning projects featured in the 2020 Metl-Span calendar include the EFI Inkjet office in Londonderry, N.H.; Home2Suites by Hilton in Chicago; Boston Sports Institute in Wellesley, Mass.; Zialena Winery in Geyserville, Calif.; Pablo Center at the Confluence in Eau Claire; Amazon in Spokane, Wash.; North Star Academy in Newark, N.J.; Sofidel America in Circleville, Ohio; Boston Medflight Hangar in Bedford, Mass.; High Point Climbing and Fitness in Memphis, Tenn.; and Atlantic Aviation PDK in Atlanta.

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  • Multiple Studies Confirm: After Costliest Year for Natural Disasters in History, Building with Resilient Materials Saves in the Long Run

    October 15, 2019

    Silver Spring, MD – According to a report released Monday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2017 was the most expensive year on record for disasters in the United States – thanks to historically powerful hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and devastating wildfires in the west.

    In 2017, there were 16 separate billion-dollar disasters, with the cumulative damage of these events totaling $306.2 billion – shattering the previous U.S. annual record of $214.8 billion from 2005.

    As expected, the storms' impact on the U.S. also led to the costliest year in history for the global insurance industry – totaling $135 billion – with the U.S. accounting for half of these costs according to a recent report by Munich Re, one of the most prominent global reinsurers.

    “There's evidence that building with less resilient materials costs more in the long run,” said Robert Garbini, president of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association in a letter to The Orlando Sentinel. “Whether the issue is stability in the face of high winds, or rotting and molding after floodwaters, the materials used to build make a difference.”

    According to studies by MIT, initial investment in hazard mitigation is the key to a sound structure and can be cost effective. An equation developed by the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) evaluates the cost-effectiveness of incorporating mitigation features into a building design in a particular location by factoring in the expected damage a conventional building that's designed to code would endure over its lifetime, and comparing that to a more resilient, enhanced building design.

    “In some areas of the country, especially along the coast, hazard-induced maintenance costs can be significant, sometimes even exceeding the initial building cost,” said Jeremy Gregory, Executive Director of the Concrete Sustainability Hub at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “As such, increasing spending on mitigation is fully justified in areas prone to natural disasters. Through our Break Even Mitigation Percentage (BEMP) project, which offers a data-informed approach to investment in hazard mitigation, we aim to support the widespread adoption of codes that take hazards into account because designing homes and buildings in hazard-prone areas with the expectation that damage will occur can make communities safer and reduce costly repairs in the long run.”

    Insurers are also seeing the efficacy of designing buildings to withstand extreme weather.

    According to a recent study underwritten by the NRMCA by Dr. Pieter VanderWerf and Nicholas Haidari of Boston College entitled “Survey of Insurance Costs for Multifamily Buildings Constructed with Wood-frame and Concrete,” building insurance rates will be lower for midrise apartment buildings constructed with resilient materials like concrete rather than wood‐frame.

    While the extent of the insurance savings for a concrete building varied widely for builder's risk insurance quotes, it was within the range of 22‐72% for all regions. For commercial property insurance, the quoted savings were within the range of 14‐65%.

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  • Soil Retention - D.R. Horton and Soil Retention - A Success Story!

    October 10, 2019

    Verdura® at Skyline in Vista, CA

    In early 2018 D.R. Horton contracted Soil Retention to build over 25,000 sq ft of Verdura® walls at their new project site in Vista, CA - Skyline.

    Challenge: The City of Vista, CA has a strict guidance on planting and irrigation, D.R. Horton had to comply to.
    Landscape Architect: Gillespie Moody Patterson, Inc.
    Engineering: Excel Engineering
    Irrigation Specialists: Hunter Industries
    Retaining Wall Design and Engineering: Soil Retention Systems, Inc.

    In less than one year after planting, the Verdura® walls look exceptional and meet and exceed the City of Vista's landscape manual. The walls are irrigated with conventional sprayers by Hunter Industries atop the walls (pictured below).

    The maximum height of the 2 walls reach 16 feet. The project was completed in record time in July 2018. Based on the expertise and collaboration of a great team of consultants, this project is considered a huge success.

    Skyline is home to 2 condominium developments by D.R. Horton, as well as the latest Ayres Hotel in San Diego County. D.R. Horton and Soil Retention Systems, Inc. have been working together successfully on several projects over the years, i.e. Crosby Estates in Rancho Santa Fe, Santa Rosa Highlands in Murrieta, Morgan Hill in Temecula, Seaglass in San Marcos to name a few.

    Please help us welcome our new team members:
    Shawn Higgins - Contractor Business Development
    Natasha Indegno - Office Manager
    Rex Revard - Architectural Sales

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  • CENTRIA® Formawall® Completes Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research

    October 07, 2019

    Metal panels achieve aesthetic unification across neighboring structures

    Moon Township, PA - One Research Drive is home to the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (ICAR). CENTRIA®, the world's leading provider of high-performance building envelopes, contributed more than 13,000 square feet of Formawall™ to the building façade, which visually echoes nearby campus buildings also clad in Formawall.

    “We aimed to have the material connection across all facades, – the ICAR and the Center for Emerging Technologies – in addition to the same durability and speed of installation we enjoyed with the Emerging Technologies project,” says Chris Stone, Associate Principal, LS3P, the firm responsible for the building design.

    The 85,000 square-foot structure aesthetically unites other nearby Clemson structures with the same clean lines and modern aesthetic. The design team with LS3P associates leveraged the sleek exterior and consistency afforded by working with Formawall. “We utilized the CENTRIA panels in a continuous ribbon across the building, which enabled it to have a uniform, distinct façade: Its 4 sides all have prominent frontage and CENTRIA panels formed the primary skin that wrapped around the entire building,” says Stone. Formawall is CENTRIA's flagship line of insulated metal panels, combining unprecedented design freedom with unmatched performance. The product's five distinct profiles deliver unlimited design combinations and create the world's most imaginative building envelopes with varying articulations, rhythms, and textures.

    Not only did Formawall provide the optimal building façade for Clemson's needs, but the design team also opted to use the product for its accelerated and seamless installation capabilities.

    “We have been working with CENTRIA products for quite some time and find that their speed of installation, longevity, and durability are all factors that make them ideal for our needs,” says Stone. “At the International Center for Automotive Research, the CENTRIA product was installed quickly enough to get the core and shell enclosed on-schedule.”

    Other members of the design and construction team included general contractor, Sherman Construction, and CENTRIA dealer, Steel Clad, Inc.

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  • McElroy Metal's ribbed wall panels refresh appearance for visitors at Cape Cod Potato Chip manufacturing facility

    October 03, 2019

    Bossier City, La. — Everyone wants to look their best for company. With its growing popularity, Cape Cod Potato Chips has seen its annual number of visitors grow to more than 250,000 at its manufacturing plant in Barnstable, Mass. The nearly 40-year-old facility was in need of a fresh look and ribbed metal wall panels from McElroy Metal were prescribed for the exterior renovation.

    “The facelift was simply to improve visitor experience,” says Michael Pellegrino, AIA, at J.J. White Inc., in Boston. “They've got a huge international following now and the original building had a tired look and really needed a cosmetic upgrade. “We took it from a 1970s beige and white building to a modern-looking bright blue and gray building with a bold white trim.”

    The original plan was to install McElroy Metal's Wave panel vertically, but ultimately, the client decided on the bolder Mega-Rib, installed horizontally. Mega-Rib is a 7.2 exposed fastener panel that provides strength and spanning capabilities. The distance from rib to rib is 7.2 inches.

    “The use of metal panels was cost-driven and they speed up construction,” Pellegrino says. “To install the panels horizontally, we required an engineered substructure. McElroy's engineering group provided that assistance and the installation was completed without issue.”

    More than 8,500 square feet of 26-gauge Mega-Rib was installed by Robert Ganter Contractors Inc. of Quakertown, Penn. The panels were a combination of Roman Blue and Ash Gray.

    “It was a pretty simple project, straight-forward installation,” says John Gannon, estimator and project manager for Robert Ganter Contractors. “We were in a bit of a hurry to get everything done before the busy tourist season in summer. We got in and out in about two months.

    “It was really one of those rare flawless projects. Deliveries were on time, in the right order and to the right place. We've heard nothing but good things.”

    The Cape Cod Potato Chip facility, which is owned by the Campbell Soup Company, now has a look as unique as the taste of its kettle cooked chips. Visitors can enjoy a 30-minute self-guided tour, a behind-the-scenes look at the process, from peeling and cutting the potatoes to bagging the finished product. New signage and televisions explain the kettle chip making process. The tour concludes at the redesigned gift shop for a complimentary bag of chips on the new outdoor patio.

    “We've even gotten some positive feedback from visitors,” Pellegrino says. “That's unusual, so it's safe to say everyone is pleased with how the renovation turned out.”

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  • Metl-Span introduces ThermalSafe with a striated exterior profile

    October 02, 2019

    LEWISVILLE, Texas – Metl-Span's proven ThermalSafe® insulated metal panel is now available with a Striated exterior profile, in addition to the already existing Ultra-Light Mesa and Santa Fe exterior options. “The demand for more fire-resistant options led us to produce ThermalSafe with a striated exterior profile,” says Jennifer Franz, Metl-Span product manager. “Striations offer an aesthetic customers are familiar with and asking for.”

    Fire-resistant ThermalSafe is equipped with a LockGuard interlocking side joint, achieving one-, two- or three-hour fire resistance rating for walls and 1-1/2 hours for ceilings. The insulated metal panel features a core made from non-combustible structural and non-toxic mineral wool boards processed to maximize compressive strength. The core insulating properties are 3.61 “R” per inch. ThermalSafe panels are 42 inches wide and available in thicknesses of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 inches. Panels have been extensively tested to meet the fire standard requirements of FM4880 and the structural requirements of FM4881.

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  • New Dyson product launch - Evening October 16

    September 30, 2019

    On October 16 at 6 pm ET, Dyson will unveil our newest, most advanced technology to date in New York. We'd like to invite you to the official reveal of this new product and witness its special technology.

    We can’t say much about the new technology we are launching other than it is a new B2B product. We think you’ll find it to be unlike anything we’ve done before. You’ll have the opportunity to see the product first and get hands on with it while enjoying a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres. A handful of Dyson engineers will be onsite to walk you through the technology featured in the product and answer any questions you may have.

    We hope you are able to join us on October 16 from 6:30pm – 9pm.

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  • Arriscraft Thin-Clad Stone Approved by Florida Building Code for Use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones

    September 22, 2019

    “After extensive evaluation, we're excited to share that our thin-clad exterior wall system meets the tough standards for the newest Florida Building Code, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone section,” says Craig Swirzon, Thin-Clad Product Manager. “What the testing concluded, and the Miami-Dade approvals confirm, is that when our thin-clad stone is installed with Laticrete's MVIS system it can be used for areas anticipating up to 202.5 mph winds, specifically for Building Risk Categories I through IV.”

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  • CENTRIA Formawall® and Integrated Formavue Windows Enhance Salish Cancer Center Exterior

    September 22, 2019

    Flagship system provides advanced thermal and moisture performance

    Moon Township, PA - The Salish Integrative Oncology Care Center is the first ever tribal-owned cancer care facility in the Native American community and the United States as a whole.

    Over 28,000 square feet for CENTRIA Formawall was installed on the building's exterior to create the desired all-metal aesthetic and provide multiple lines of defense against water infiltration.

    The addition of 12,000 square feet of integrated Formavue windows forged the complete wall system with fully integrated details and CENTRIA's advanced thermal and moisture performance (ATMP®) technology.

    “The CENTRIA system was not only light but incorporated an exterior insulation that would meet energy code requirements for even a new building,” says project architect Chris Tongray, of TGB Architects. “Additionally, the CENTRIA system was sole-source, with windows and panels by a single manufacturer installed by a single subcontractor as a single system.”

    Formawall is CENTRIA's flagship line of insulated metal panels, combining unprecedented design freedom with unmatched performance. The product's five distinct profiles deliver unlimited design combinations and create the world's most imaginative building envelopes with varying articulations, rhythms, and textures.

    The high-performing system was also successfully able to achieve the modern aesthetic desired by the building owners, the Puyallup Tribe, who purchased the structure in 2015. The Tribe founded the hospital to create a truly unique form of care, blending traditional oncology treatments with integrative medicine techniques like naturopathy and acupuncture. The team from TGB Architects specified the mottled, natural finish provided by CENTRIA's AllusionTM Rust print coat system, designed to simulate natural materials like wood, slate, bronze or zinc.

    “The client is very satisfied with the project thus far,” says Tongray. “The contractors on-site have said that "everyone loves it."

    The Salish Cancer Center was completed in August, 2016. TGB Architects provided architectural services, Andersen Construction was the general contractor, and the CENTRIA dealer/installer was Cobra BEC, Inc. Morrison Hershfield was brought on board as a wall consultant.

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  • Continuing a trend: Excel Dryer is the first hand dryer manufacturer to publish independently verified Health Product Declarations

    September 22, 2019

    High-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR®, XLERATOReco® and ThinAir® Hand Dryers were reviewed and their materials verified by third party

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. – Excel Dryer, Inc., today announced that the Health Product Declarations (HPDs) of three of their hand dryer models, the original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryer, the XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer and the ThinAir® Hand Dryer, were thoroughly reviewed and verified by an independent agency. HPDs, developed by the instructions set forth by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), are “a standardized format for the transparent disclosure of building product ingredients and associated hazards.” HPDs are a tool that helps buyers and specifiers better understand the environmental and health impacts of a product’s materials, to make more informed product selections.

    As common concern for sustainability and health continues to grow, manufacturers like Excel have committed themselves to transparency in their products and processes. In publishing their HPDs, Excel Dryer continues to set a trailblazing path for their industry.

    “The publication of the Health Product Declarations demonstrates our ongoing commitment to manufacturing transparency,” explained Vice President of Sales and Marketing, William Gagnon. “We at Excel Dryer continually challenge ourselves to lead the industry in environmental sustainability, reliability and product innovation.”

    Excel was also the first in the industry to have their products independently evaluated, and their environmental claims substantiated with the publication of the hand dryer industry’s first Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). An Environmental Product Declaration is a standardized way of quantifying the environmental impact of a product by studying the raw materials and energy consumption during its production, use and disposal. EPDs are intended to help purchasers better understand a product’s sustainable qualities and environmental repercussions during their decision-making processes.

    “We work hard to source the best materials from quality vendors that are as local as possible, so we are happy to share what goes into our products,” explained Excel Dryer President, Denis Gagnon. “Our primary goal has always been to influence the entire industry to pursue greater transparency in matters of sustainability and health.”

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    September 22, 2019

    New kits offer stylish protection from the elements

    OAKLAND, Calif. – Feeney, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel and aluminum railing systems, has introduced a line of stationary awnings designed to provide protection in a wide variety of climates and settings.

    Constructed of powder-coated aluminum and strong polycarbonate panels for long-lasting durability and defense from the weather, the Awning Kits are available in two styles: Icon, a streamlined design with clean lines and curves, and Era, a classical design with a more ornate look and feel. A modular approach simplifies installation and enables selection of components based on project and design preferences. Customers simply choose a style, and then select the desired polycarbonate panel option, frame color, and any extension kits.

    “Awnings offer a great way to enhance the exterior of a residence or building, adding an aesthetically pleasing architectural component while also making the entry more welcoming and protecting people from the elements,” said Andy Penny, vice president of marketing and advertising for Feeney. “Our kit system makes it easy for customers to choose from a variety of design options to create an awning that will elevate their structure and provide a beautiful, statement-making exterior.”

    The Awning Kits are suitable for a broad range of climates and have been engineered to withstand snow/wind loads up to 35.5 psf. Built-in rain gutters at the front edge of the awnings direct runoff to the sides. The polycarbonate panels come in a choice of clear, frosted and gray tint, and awning frames are available in 14 standard colors, including Feeney's vibrant Express Yourself hues, along with custom colors. Optional extension kits can be added to extend awning coverage on straight sections and around corners.

    The Awning Kits can be ordered direct from Feeney or from authorized Feeney dealers.

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  • Vectorworks UK and Ireland Partner with CMYK Digital Solutions

    September 19, 2019

    Collaboration will expand design solutions in Scotland

    Columbia, MD (September 19, 2019)—On March 9, 2017, the Scottish Government announced that as part of its digital technology strategy, BIM should be considered for the design, construction and operation of all public buildings and infrastructure.

    In turn, this is increasing the demand for 2D/3D/BIM design software in the Scottish market. Therefore, along with the release of Vectorworks 2020, Vectorworks is delighted to announce a new partnership with Scottish software and support specialist CMYK Digital Solutions.

    “With the existing demand and growing interest in design solutions incorporating BIM capability, it’s a meaningful development to add CMYK Digital Solutions to our network of partners across the UK,” said Vectorworks UK & Ireland Sales Director Adrian Slatter. “Together with ever increasing software capability as evidenced by the release of Vectorworks 2020, this will further strengthen the ongoing growth of Vectorworks in this market. Scotland represents a significant part of the Vectorworks business and this move will help further accelerate the growth we have seen across the UK and Ireland in recent years.”

    CMYK Service Operations Director David Crosby explained that they have been keen to better serve their existing and prospective architectural clients by extending their existing software portfolio.

    “With the addition of Vectorworks’ intuitive design software, architects, architectural technicians and BIM managers in Scotland will have a better choice of design tools and a supplier committed to helping them make the most of their investment,” said Crosby. “With the government’s ongoing commitment to BIM requirements for public buildings and infrastructure projects in Scotland, we are ideally placed to help customers and prospective customers who need to deliver projects that meet the new standards.”

    Learn more about the newly launched Vectorworks 2020 by clicking "READ MORE".

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  • Mortar Net Solutions Presents Scholarships to Benefit Masonry Students

    September 09, 2019

    Mortar Net Solutions awarded scholarships to four students at the National Masonry Instructors Association's Annual Conference.

    PORTAGE, Indiana – Mortar Net Solutions™, the leading supplier of moisture management solutions for masonry walls, presented scholarships to benefit four masonry students at the National Masonry Instructors Association's (NMIA) Annual Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This year's conference marked the 30th Anniversary for the organization. The following students were awarded scholarships by Mortar Net Solutions:

    Sean Hicks, Center of Applied Technology North, Severn, Maryland
    Jan Pelaez-Garcia, John F. Kennedy High School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    Joseph Presley, Carvers Bay High School, Hemingway, South Carolina
    Michael Vaughn-Sims, Wallace Community College, Salem, Alabama

    Mortar Net Solutions worked with masonry instructors across the country, as well as the NMIA, to select which students would benefit the most from the scholarship. The scholarships were presented to the students' instructors by Mortar Net Solutions' Steven Fechino. In addition to the scholarships, the recipients each received tool bags to help them as they work through their education and apprenticeships.

    “I am proud to help these students discover the tradition of working in masonry and to work with the NMIA,” said Steven Fechino, Engineering and Construction Manager at Mortar Net Solutions. “I greatly support the work they've done for this industry over the past 30 years. We hope to provide more scholarships in the near future as a means to allow students a chance at an opportunity to learn the craft.”

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  • Elite Crete Systems - Engineered High Performance Surfaces

    September 05, 2019

    HERMETIC™ Flake Floors are extremely durable and provide adjustable levels of slight texture and color to match any design theme or surrounding.

    A seamless REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring System was installed in this reception area because these floors are easy to maintain and anti-microbial.

    A specialty REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Floor was installed in this salon because they are stain and chemical resistant and have numerous color and design options.

    Please click the More Button for more information on Elite Crete products.

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    September 03, 2019

    New product offering significantly expands railing design options

    OAKLAND, Calif. – Feeney, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel and aluminum railing systems, has introduced DesignRail® Panel Infill, a trend forward line of alternative infills for both interior and exterior railing applications.

    The new infills are offered in a variety of standard materials and styles, and can also be customized to meet almost any residential or commercial design specification. Styles include stainless steel wire mesh and laser cut aluminum panels with powder-coated finishes for interior or exterior applications along with resin panels with embedded materials such as rice grass and leaves for use in interior settings.

    “Alternative infill solutions continue to grow in popularity as architects, builders and homeowners look for creative ways to personalize and differentiate spaces,” said Andy Penny, vice president of marketing and advertising for Feeney. “We're always looking to develop products that combine the highest possible performance with unmatched durability and aesthetic beauty while addressing an unmet market need. This newest addition to the Feeney line delivers on that promise by expanding the range of solutions for our DesignRail® aluminum railing line.”

    Available for 36- and 42-inch railing heights, the infills can be mixed-and-matched with Feeney's other DesignRail® infill options – including CableRail, glass, vertical cable and pickets – and are compatible with all DesignRail® top rail styles and with Feeney Post Accent Lights. The laser cut aluminum panel infills can be powder-coated in any DesignRail® or custom color, providing even more design flexibility.

    Simple to install, the infills fit easily into the pre-engineered DesignRail® frame and are fully surrounded on all four sides with a low-profile aluminum channel, providing an aesthetically clean appearance with minimal transition from panel to frame. For the stainless steel wire mesh styles, all components are fully isolated to prevent contact among dissimilar metals, which is critical in harsh environments.

    DesignRail® Panel Infill can be ordered from authorized Feeney dealers.

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  • Newsweek Honors Vectorworks, Inc. with Inaugural Award

    September 03, 2019

    Vectorworks Architect named to “Best Business Tools 2019” list

    Columbia, MD (August 28, 2019)—Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. was named to Newsweek’s inaugural list of the “Best Business Tools 2019.” Among the 54 categories, Vectorworks and its award-winning Vectorworks Architect software appeared within the Production & Warehouse Management category.

    The following parameters were taken into consideration for this award:

    • Willingness to recommend the brand to work colleagues
    • Trustworthiness
    • Reliability
    • Fulfillment of service promise
    • Continuous improvement
    • Security

    Further, the Newsweek Media Group worked with Statista Inc., the globally recognized data research company to conduct an independent survey in March 2019. Selections were made based on a nationwide survey of more than 10,000 professional users of software and software service providers. There was also a targeted evaluation of Gen Z users (people born in 1995 or later) – more than 1,500 Gen Z customers completed the survey. The survey was also administered using online access panels; additionally, young entrepreneurs from US business schools were invited by Newsweek to take the survey.

    “We’re thrilled to be named to the first-ever Newsweek ‘Best Business Tools 2019’ list,” said Vectorworks Vice President of Marketing Jeremy Powell. “We are overwhelmed by the participation from so many professional software users in the survey. This recognition helps reinforce the commitment we have at Vectorworks to the values which connect us with our customers.”

    To see Vectorworks and other winners, pick up a copy of the June 21, 2019 Newsweek edition or check their website.

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