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  • From home offices to gyms to entertaining, homes have become multifunctional spaces. The use of smart technology provides innovative options for people to control and manage their homes for comfort and well-being on a daily basis. Smart home technology allows people to customize their homes. This course discusses how smart technology can interconnect household spaces to increase comfort, cleanliness, and well-being.

  • Keeping bathrooms and kitchens clean and hygienic is essential to health and well-being but can be challenging in busy family homes. This course introduces some basic principles of home hygiene, provides an overview of the most effective cleaning strategies, and shows how contemporary kitchen and bathroom technology and design innovations can make hygienic cleaning substantially easier. Technologies discussed include touchless activation, intelligent toilets, bidet seats, and antimicrobial surfaces.

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  • Cultural dynamics have long influenced design trends. As people travel and experience this beautiful and diverse world we live in, culture is finding its way across the nations. Culture can refer to traditional things like language, music, food, and more recently, internet trends. This course examines how current dynamics, such as wanderlust, influence culture and impact design. As well, resulting color trends, including nuanced neutrals and blanched pastels, are identified and discussed.

  • Manufacturing companies are seeing an increased demand for product transparency. This course discusses what sustainability and Design for Environment are, how transparency documents are created, how they contribute to green building certification, and how investing in sustainability can produce process and operational efficiencies that benefit people, planet, and business.

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  • Recently, custom showers have grown in popularity, offering homeowners an escape from the stresses of the outside world with new options providing the same sense of relaxation that was previously reserved for the bathtub. This course covers the trends in shower design, the benefits of hydrotherapy, and the components and technologies that are available to create a spa-like shower experience for today‚Äôs homeowners.

  • Manufacturing companies are seeing an increased demand for sustainable products. This course discusses what drives the requests for sustainable products and how to incorporate sustainable choices within each step of the design and construction phases, including understanding what makes a product sustainable, what to look for when specifying a product and manufacturer, and how sustainable choices throughout the phases can have a positive impact on the construction project.

  • Universal design is not a new concept; however, it is time for a paradigm shift. Considering ADA design, universal design, and living in place, should designers now be offering universal design solutions to all clients, regardless of age or ability? This course reviews both ADA and universal design guidelines and discusses compelling reasons for recommending universal design in your kitchen and bathroom projects. Various kitchen and bathroom applications are discussed in detail.

  • Traditionally, home has been a place for retreat and sanctuary. But as more people work from home, it is increasingly difficult to disengage from work responsibilities and set aside the time needed to refresh ourselves. As our stress levels rise, so does the need for self-care. This course looks at two areas of the home that are ideal for performing self-care and improving our well-being, assisted by investing in luxurious items: the bathroom and the kitchen.