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Chicago Faucets

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  • Recent events have emphasized the importance of proper hygiene, especially in public restrooms. Presented here is a discussion on which public restroom surfaces commonly promote the spread of germs and how touchless sink faucets can be used to reduce the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Design professionals will learn about water treatment and filtration options and water system management strategies, and how to apply preventative measures to create hygienic public restrooms that support public safety.

  • The potential for scalding from point of use hot water affects all of us. While the very young and the very old are more susceptible, no one is immune from scalding danger. An understanding of the potential for scalding, as well as the physiology of burns from hot water, can guide our design choices and significantly reduce the danger to people using facilities that commonly supply hot water, such as lavatories, baths, and showers. This course discusses the potential for scalding, the physiology of burns due to hot water, and who is most susceptible. It also discusses the relevant codes and the fixtures available to designers that can help reduce scalding and burn potential.

  • The savings that water conservation measures can provide are real and practical and offer enormous untapped potential. One of the best ways to boost conservation really hasn’t been thoroughly utilized, yet it’s right here at our fingertips: faucets. This course provides an overview of commercial faucets, including the evolution of the modern faucet, design and installation considerations, and the faucet’s impact on water conservation and green building programs.

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